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Best Trending Student Laptops in 2020

Though we are solely dependent on smartphones, still there are certain tasks that can only be done using a computer or laptop. If you are a student, then a laptop is far important, as it will offer you a bigger screen with a physical keyboard, in order to complete your assignments and projects. 

Apart from this, a laptop can be used as a primary entertainment device. The idea of playing video games on a large screen is itself appealing. Simply turn on your laptop and start playing games.

Now, the question is: what is the best laptop for a student? Many laptop models are available in the market. Confused? Don’t worry, here we have listed the currently trending student laptops and their specifications to make your search easy.

 Quick Tips to Pick Up the Best Laptop for a Student?

For a student, a laptop is something that you can use to take notes and complete your daily assignments. You must choose a laptop that allows you to handle big extracurricular activities, listen to music, watch movies and help you with social networks. 

On the basis of that, you must consider the given points before purchasing a laptop for your purpose:

Further, the laptop must have at least a one-year warranty. Sometimes, you will get extended warranties. However, it totally depends on the manufacturer and model of the laptop.

These are the Top 5 Notches Laptops for Students 

No matter whether you are in school or college, if you are a student, surely you get one of the best laptops so that you can prepare for your exam. Also, when it comes to relaxing, you can watch and play on your gadget. 

However, with so many different prices along with so many choices at first, you have to do some research to find the best laptop for a student. Fortunately, here is a list of top 5 laptops for students.

HP Envy 13

This HP model is considered as one of the best-recommended laptops for the students. Not only is it an ideal choice for the students but also for those who want a portable laptop with long battery life. The new model comes with a webcam switch, as well as a fingerprint sensor that turns off the camera power. Hence, you shouldn’t worry about people snooping on your device. 

Apart from this, you can stream your favourite movies on the 1080p display. HP Envy 13 laptop designed with 8th Gen Core i5, as well as Core i7 CPUs. Besides, this laptop offers you 256GB/512GB/1TB storage capacity. And, frankly speaking, compared to other college laptops HP Envy 13 laptop provides all the required features at a very affordable price.


The Asus S14 laptop is another gorgeous looking laptop powered by Intel’s 8th ten processor that comes with 8GB RAM. One of the unique features of this ASUS model is that it’s very lightweight -1.4 pound. Hence, students can easily carry it in their bag. Apart from this, in order to improve the speed and performance, this laptop also comes with an SSD. Besides, the VivoBook S 14 laptop is packed with all the essentials ports- such as USB-C and USB-A ports along with the HDMI port.


The Dell XPS laptop is designed with a 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor with Intel Iris Plus GPU which makes it always ready for work and play. As this DELL laptop offers a battery life of 12 hours, hence you will get enough time to accomplish all your work. This is one of the best premium college laptops

Besides, the manufacturer has made the laptop in such a way that without any hassle you can carry it anywhere. Also, on this model, DELL has made some minor changes that include a keyboard, as well as a large trackpad. Additionally, you will get a 13.4-inch display and can stream videos with a resolution 1920 x 1200. Moreover, in case, you are searching for a laptop that combines with all the necessary features, DELL XPS 13 is here for you.

Apple MacBook Air (2020)

In case, you wish to use macOS over Windows 10, then you can opt for the Apple MacBook Air. On the previous models, there were several issues, however, the new model comes with a new keyboard that fixes all the previous problems. 

On the other hand, the new Apple MacBook Air laptop makes some improvements like now it’s powered by the 10th Gen Y- series processor with a superfast SSD. Besides, this Apple laptop is designed with a 13.3-inch Retina display that makes it the thinnest laptops in the Apple lineup.

Obviously, you will get the other facilities which makes the Apple MacBook Air so much popular. Its amazing battery life, good speakers and aluminium design are also overwhelming.

Lenovo Yoga C940

Lenovo Yoga C940 laptop offers you longer battery life. Also, this Lenovo model designed with the 10th Gen Intel Processor which makes the Yoga C940 much successor as compared to the Yoga C930 that Lenovo introduced last year. As expected, from the Yoga series laptops, C940 also comes with a unique hinge that can be used as a soundbar speaker. 

It’s a 2-in 1 laptop, hence in order to convert it into a proper tablet, you can rotate it to 360 degrees. This laptop provides you with a display of 14 -inch and when it comes to playing movies or playing games, you can easily stream videos at 4k. 

It’s very lightweight, as well as offers you a 16GB RAM. Also, this laptop comes with a webcam cover, so there is no need to purchase the tape.


These are the top 5 best laptops for a student. However, before purchasing a laptop, you must follow the factors that have been mentioned above. Also, being an electronic device, technical glitches are quite common for a laptop.