What are the Newest Racing Technologies that have been the Most Important for the Development of the Racing Sector Lately?

Technology has become a go-to word in our society. From cooking to discussing with family and friends, to watching our favourite shows, technology is everywhere! With that in mind, it’s normal to take a close look at the horse race sector and see if it too has benefitted from this sudden rise in technology.

Although not much is said about how the racing sector has evolved in the past years, it is worth noting that some major changes have been brought about to make this activity even more interesting. Let’s get into it.

Newest horse Racing Technologies

Medical Advancement

The medical sector is one of the most scrutinized aspects of horse riding. A healthy horse is the best investment that anyone in this industry can make. And, this is why before even checking out info like the Royal Ascot 2022 dates for example, you need to know all the improvements that have been brought to this field.

Every intense physical activity causes a rise in temperature in the human body. This rule applies to almost all animals, including horses. During the race, this temperature is a parameter that must be taken into consideration to know if a horse needs special attention. And, this is where thermal imaging cameras come in. With these devices, vets can accurately monitor various temperatures and make sure the horses remain at their best.

Plus, other medical types of equipment such as MRIs and X-rays are now used on horses to improve medical treatment.

Tracking Devices

Keeping a record of the horses’ performance has so far been one of the most challenging tasks. Many experts in the racing field came up with manual methods such as taking videos of the different races and rewatching them to analyse the horse’s behavior at certain points. Although that seemed like a great idea at first, results did not meet the expectations. 

With the introduction of these tracking devices, the horse racing industry has never been the same. These devices give valuable information on the horse’s performance, weaknesses, and strengths. They also help monitor the horse’s progress in time, which comes in handy when pairing the horse with a jockey. 

Photo Finish Improved 

Another major challenge faced by the lovers of this discipline was close finishes. It made it incredibly difficult to point out the winner at the end of a race, and it ultimately led to the birth of photo finishes. They were introduced around the 1940s and were largely acclaimed by everyone. The only drawback here was that viewers needed to wait for the photo films to be developed at the end of each race before they could declare a winner. 

Today, technologies like 1-dimensional array sensors give a precise report on the winners and even record dead heat. They give an accurate result of the race and the results are proclaimed immediately.


Racing competitions were a thing before horses knew they could race. It is one of the most lucrative sectors in the sports industry, generating over £3.3 billion in the British economy. With such figures and the constant growth in technology, the horse race is definitely around for many more years.

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