Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness – EAT SEO

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An aspect that is still little considered, even today, in modern SEO, is linked to the EAT SEO paradigm: and it is interesting to address it also to better understand what it entails for the optimization of our pages on Google. EAT SEO: What it means EAT SEO is the acronym of Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness,

Link building: strategies to increase incoming links

link building

To position your website among the top places on Google’s SERP, there are no tricks they hold. We need strategies. Below we offer you not 1, not even 2, but 10. This is because, in order to obtain quality and long-lasting incoming links, it is essential to plan an efficient link building strategy. 10 Tips for Best Link building Such an activity, as you

Seo optimization, what it is and what it is used for

SEO optimization

Anyone with a website knows the importance of SEO optimization well. Obviously, however, doing search engine optimization requires certain knowledge, as well as a continuous update on the sector that is evolving (also following the changes of the Google algorithm). But what is SEO, and what do we refer to when we talk about optimization? What is SEO

Choosing a perfect anchor text for a natural link building: how to do it

anchor text

The SEO activity linked to link building requires attention to detail, especially now that Google has refined its algorithms and checks very well that natural and quality content is produced for the user. Among the activities SEO that every webmaster should know, when you do link building, also the correct setting of the keywords in order to get backlinks effective: the anchor text are keywords or short sentences which will

The importance of internal links for website SEO

Internal Links

When we talk about SEO and links, we generally think immediately of external links coming to our site obtained through link building activities, which are certain fundamental elements for positioning and to allow a portal to rise in the ranking. However, albeit of fundamental importance, there are not only backlinks  (which then … if they should serve you … please take a seat !). But

Broken link Building: What it is and how it works

Broken link Building

Broken link building is one of those SEO practices on the border between White and Black. In fact, although it was born with benevolent purposes, it often evolves into other black hat practices that are not really neat and pints. Precisely for this reason, we hear very little about it and, on the contrary. It is often overlooked when it

Link Building: 3 tips for truly effective backlinks

link building

The link building is an activity SEO crucial for you to get more traffic to their site and to improve the position in SERP Google. However, if after setting up a link building campaign and waiting for some time you do not notice any results or worse you have experienced a deterioration in positioning, there

Link building, what it is and why it is important

link building

If you are familiar with the net and with websites, you will certainly know what a link is. The web is made of links, connections, connections between the various resources. That allows users to actually navigate between one site and another. Through more or less direct and conscious paths. The addition of a link is an intentional