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Top 10 SEO Services Companies in India

SEO Services Companies in India

Here is a list of the best SEO companies that container assist your business with its growth. In addition to this, these good SEO companies also offer contract-out services.

You have certainly got the term SEO when it comes to digital marketing. In simple terms, SEO increases the discernibility of your website on the internet. Virtually eighty-one percent of consumers and 94 percent of B2B consumers will investigate products online. Before manufacturing a purchase, which advises that businesses with a robust online presence are more competitive. 

Seeing the targeted traffic that SEO can generate for your business, it’s worth investing time and effort. Since India’s SEO companies are using cutting-edge SEO tactics in agreement with Google’s and other search engine updates, hiring an Indian SEO company helps you to attain quality results at the best pricing.

When it comes to discovering the best SEO company in India, it can be challenging due to the many options and the different parameters to be considered during the assortment process. Therefore, after detailed analysis and assessment, we have amassed a list of the best SEO companies in India that are award-winning and well-known for their SEO know-how.

SEO Services Companies in India

We’ve collected a list of the best SEO companies to support your business with its growth. In addition to this, these good SEO companies also offer outsourcing services.

1. IndeedSEO

They have been in business for more than ten years and are renowned for their top-notch SEO services. There is no hesitation that IndeedSEO is one of the trustworthy well-known SEO Companies in India because they are capable of Google Partnership and have an enthusiastic team of SEO experts on board. Several factors make it one of the leading SEO firms, including superiority control, expertise, and professionalism.

To best serve their clients, IndeedSEO’s squad of SEO experts uses cutting-edge strategies and customized SEO solutions calculated to fit your needs. The fact that several clients got first-page places and reviews on Google, Clutch, etc., proves that they deliver quality service to their clients.

  1. Year of establishment: 2010
  2. Location: Mohali (Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar), Punjab
  3. Services: They specify in search engine optimization
  4. Clientele: Clients from around the globe, such as Michale Tinnon & Associates Luxury Real Estates
  5. Awards: They have received numerous honors, plus those for Top Digital Marketing Company, then Top SEO Service Companies by Clutch, Design Rush, Good Firms, the Top Tens, G2, etc

2. Growth Hacker Digital

A multi-award-winning SEO stable with offices in Bangalore is called Growth Hackers. They are a corporation of professional marketers, content writers, company landlords, and experts with more than ten ages of experience successfully growing startups and established businesses throughout the globe.

  1. Year of establishment: 2017
  2. Location: Mumbai, Bengaluru
  3. Services: SEO, CRO, Content Marketing, PPC, Digital Marketing, Digital Strategy Consulting, and more.
  4. Clientele: Decathlon, ICICI Bank, Universal Robots, and The New Indian Express, among others, are some of their clients.
  5. Awards: Clutch baptized them a Digital Leader in India in 2020, 2021, and 2022

3. Page Traffic

Since its founding in 2002, PageTraffic has generated incredible search engine places and spectacular traffic movement for businesses from various industries. PageTraffic is renowned for using sincere and specialized methods to ensure that apiece client benefits from the perks of SEO

  1. Year of establishment: 2002
  2. Location: New Delhi
  3. Services: They provide services, such as social media marketing, online media buying, and SEO.
  4. Clientele: Brands they work with include European EcoSpa, Cosmedia Consulting, then Airways Hotel.
  5. Awards: Page Traffic won some prestigious Web Awards in 2006.

4. SEO Experts Company India

Due to their vast business experience and client-focused perspective, SEO Experts Company India ensures that your advertising strategies always thrive. They have a team of skilled gathering of professionals.

  1. Year of establishment: 2019
  2. Location: Mohali (Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar), Punjab
  3. Services: They are highly skilled in search engine optimization and PPC management.
  4. Clientele: Truly Medical Getaways and Five Stans Adventure are approximate of their clients.
  5. Awards: No information available

5. RankZ

As one of the most effective satisfied marketing firms, RankZ helps wide global varieties organize their efforts, work together, and then produce incredible programs and gratified on a large scale.

  1. Year of establishment: 2012
  2. Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
  3. Services: Web design, PPC, SEO, and content marketing are a few examples.

6. SEO current

Their professional tactic in SEO, social media network marketing, and all other rudiments of digital marketing set them distinct from other online marketing businesses in India. It seats them at the forefront of manufacturing.

  1. Year of establishment: 2016
  2. Location: Mohali (Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar), Punjab
  3. Services: Local and Global SEO, Social Media Marketing, Reputation Management, Pay Per Click, Link Building, etc.
  4. Clientele: They have functioned with many clients from Switzerland, France, and Italy.
  5. Awards: No information available

7. Rank Higher

They devote significant time to creating content that might make users gripped with your business. Customers, rendering to them, are the backbone of any marketing plan. Who your clients are and what they want is studied thoroughly by Rank Higher.

  1. Year of establishment: 2014
  2. Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka
  3. Services: Website design, SEO services, online marketing campaigns, then SMO services are scarce examples.
  4. Clientele: They collaborate through numerous well-known companies, including Fortis Bangalore
  5. Awards: They collaborate with numerous well-known companies, as well as Fortis Bangalore

8. FoxyMoron

 They have allowed their clients to immediately engage with Generation Z on social media platforms due to their comprehensive marketing services, original content development, and groundbreaking storytelling methods.

  1. Year of establishment: 2008
  2. Location: Mumbai
  3. Services: Media services, technology services, and gratified engines are all offered by FoxyMoron.
  4. Clientele: They’ve worked with Lenovo, Ford, Cello, ICICI Bank, Burger King
  5. Awards: They have established numerous honors, including Gold, for the Tech-Enabled Campaign.

9. Search Logix

Even home-grown businesses can take advantage of their online marketing services because they offer affordable, tailored solutions. Your business will outdo its online rivals regarding product awareness and profitability.

  1. Year of establishment: 2014
  2. Location: Noida, Uttar Pradesh
  3. Services: They are authorities in web development, SEO, blockchain technology, and app growth.
  4. Clientele: They have AXIOM Clean and Interforce International Inc. as clients.
  5. Awards: Top SEO Firms by Clutch for 2020

10. ROI Minds

The detach of ROI Minds Private Limited, a full-service digital marketing stable, is to discover your most memorable business lines and administrative aggravations and then provide a thorough, data-driven tactic to digital marketing tactics.

  1. Year of establishment: 2019
  2. Location: Mohali (Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar), Punjab
  3. Services: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Sales Funnel.
  4. Clientele: They work together with businesses such as Cellista Wellness, etc.
  5. Awards: They have received recognition as Top Advertising and Marketing Agencies 2021 by Clutch.


 SEO involves more than just the accomplishment of certain tasks; it’s the art of ranking your website tall in search engines. Through effective SEO strategies, corporations demonstrate their dedication and finish their result-driven approach; here, we have been vexed to list the best SEO companies in India that will do the same for you. I hope you find the right company and get the best fallouts for your business.

What is the role of SEO in India?

They are digital marketing experts with in-depth expertise in research and study that can improve a website’s placement on search engines such as Google or Bing. SEO experts usually work in digital marketing actions, web development companies, or level as a part of in-house marketing teams at initiatives.

How many months does SEO take to work?

SEO should show consequences within a 6- to 12-month period. Consequences mean a measurable upsurge in traffic and associated principals or conversions.

What is the new strategy of SEO?

Use SEO tools like Google Ads, Ahrefs, and smooth, simple on-site search bars to identify comprehensive search intent and your “seed” keywords. Then dig unfathomable to find more long-tail variants, study participants to find keyword gaps, and remember to include them in your metadata and the newscaster text for your links.

Which is the most powerful SEO tool?

Forbes Advisor deliberates that Ahrefs is the best overall SEO tool on the market. With four strategies to choose from, Ahrefs is valid for all users, from learners to advanced technical operators.

How effective are Seos?

SEO can lessen the cost of customer acquisition by 87.41% on ordinary compared to digital advertising (Terakeet). As for its low-cost barriers, SEO makes receiving new customers significantly less luxurious than other mediums.

What are the two major parts of SEO?

SEO is separated into two parts: On-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO denotes all techniques that can be realized on your website to improve your ranking in SERP (search engine results pages). In contrast, off-page SEO refers to everything that can be done externally on your website to advance its visibility on the web.

Why are SEO services necessary?

In short, SEO is crucial since it makes your website more visible, income more traffic, and opportunities to adapt prospects into customers. Check out the SEO tools you can use for a definitive ranking.

What is the power of SEO?

SEO is an organized procedure to improve your organic (or non-paid) place in an online search. SEO is sometimes mentioned as organic, free, or usual. Whatever you call it, it’s all near where your website falls in the slant of search results when someone searches for your creation or service.

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