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Ways to Enhance the Overall Security for Your Storage Facilities

Overall Security for Your Storage Facilities

Storage units are helpful for multipurpose reasons. They’re not only utilized by those planning to shift out of their houses, but large businesses and companies also need storage units to help them categorize their supplies. 

A storage unit over the years is home to many different items. For some, the storage unit is the ideal spot to stash their essential documents. Necessary papers and even decluttered household items find themselves tucked away here. If you ever get the chance to explore a storage unit, go through the collection of possessions found there. 

You’ll find antique items along with a small hoard of appliances. However, no matter why someone needs storage space, security is essential as there are always people lurking looking for a free score on storage units. Since the age of digitization has encompassed many sectors, the storage industry is no different. If you’re looking for ways to tighten the security of your facilities, here’s what you need to do:

1. Self Storage Access Systems

The biggest issue with your storage unit is its security, for which you can always choose to install and use a keypad, but that’s not enough. Now that there are state-of-the-art options, why not avail them? You want to make sure that not only are your items safe, but you don’t need to go down and unlock the keypad all the time. Therefore your best solution for granting access is installing self storage access control systems for better convenience.

You get to access your facility anywhere, any time, and you don’t have to worry about spilling your passcode. You also get to control other properties and addresses all operating on the same database for access control. These systems provide flexible software integration offering cloud-based remote access. They make sure that only a person at a time has access instead of allowing anyone to enter.

2. Get Fences

Some storage units are available outdoors and in the open. While the property on which your storage unit gets built is not a problem, protecting your unit is essential. If you invest money into proper fencing, you save yourself from massive losses. First, figure out what type of fencing your storage unit needs.

If your storage unit has too many valuables, you may want a sturdy fence. If you happen to build your storage unit in a high-crime area, you should build better and stronger walls.  Go for any option that serves a heavy-duty function. You wouldn’t want anyone to cut through the fences and land on your property. Most criminals know what they’re doing, so don’t try making their job easier by investing poorly.

3. Security Cameras

If you ever become a victim of criminal activity, law enforcement first wants to see the evidence. Security cameras are pivotal in providing the security that your facility needs. They also offer you a sense of security, knowing that you have everything on tape to prevent any mishap.

Most security cameras come with a feature that makes the footage stored and saved on your phone. So if you go to report a crime, you have evidence to back you up. Most security cameras are also complex to see now. They’re no longer bulky cameras that anyone can spot a mile away. So you get both the element of surprise and enhanced security. 

4. Motion Sensors

There are always criminals who know how to bypass security cameras. In such cases, you need a secondary security system. Motion sensors are the next best bet when it comes to protection. Motion sensors make it difficult for anyone to blend in the shadows.

These devices use sensors that have lights in them that are not visible to the naked eye. So if an unauthorized person is crossing your unit with the intent of stealing, they can tip the alarm. Motion sensor alarms are loud and often connected to the security room. So if anyone triggers an alarm, they have a few seconds to make a decision. In most cases, the robber will have to leave.

5. Know What To Store

While storage units are helpful, sometimes you cannot put just everything in there. Jewelry, ammunition, pets, and even cash don’t belong here. Your valuables need proper documentation and either need to go to the bank or a safe at home.

Some people assume they can leave their pet at a storage unit if they have space, which is not the case. Knowing what your storage holds helps you decide on what type of security your unit needs. If you’re storing small trinkets and clothing, you should keep minimal protection.

6. Smart Locks

If you no longer feel safe with the locks you have now, get smart locks. Some of these locks are far better than the keypad system. They are connected to your phone and inform you if someone is coming or going. Smart locks are also much sturdier than traditional locks.

Traditional padlocks that come with keys can get broken into. With the right angle, force, and chisel, anyone can break a padlock. However, smart locks are different. These locks are automatic and need a passcode. You can even connect your smartphone to your Bluetooth. So instead of waiting for someone to open your lock, you are a tap away from your things. 

Wrap Up

If you have a storage unit, you want to make sure all your valuables are safe. Storage units are excellent facilities. However, they’re also prone to criminal activities. Since thieves can sell the things within storage units, they’re worth the risk. So, it is a good idea to upgrade security instead of relying on old traditional methods.

Digitization has provided many tools and resources that come in handy. Some storage units can also use an added layer of fencing to keep criminals away. Finally, all old-school security measures such as padlocks need to go, and smart locks need to get introduced. With these features, your security will always stay top-notch.