Believing These 6 Myths About Security Cameras Can Keep You From Growing

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Security cameras are important in detecting criminal activities in the country; these cameras are installed in those areas where it is most likely for a crime to happen such as parking lots, malls, streets, etc.

These cameras not only help in the prevention of a crime, but CCTV footages also help the police to get important clues and solve the crime, these cameras work non-stop 24/7 365 days and maintain safety in the city.

These cameras are already doing a great job, but there are myths about them that people believe in, today the reader is going to get an insight on some of the myths related to security cameras that are very crucial when it comes to security.

The Myths

All cameras are created with the same functionality: – This is a myth about the functionality of the cameras; a person may think that they need to install a maximum number of cameras and it’s going to cost them a fortune, but this myth is completely wrong.

All cameras function differently, some have moving parts and others are still cameras; the truth is that higher-quality cameras can be installed in minimum quantity, and thus buying those is cheaper and more beneficial in the long run.

They record everything: – People believe that security cameras record everything and end up installing just 1 at each area of the place, even 360° cameras have a range.

The result of installing less than a minimum amount of security cameras is that the criminal sneaks behind their range and is successful in doing whatever they want.

A person must keep in mind that security cameras don’t have peripheral vision and thus they will capture a limited amount of footage, so installing a minimum no of security cameras in an area is important, this depends on the manufacturing company.

They are indestructible: – Security cameras are not superman, they are also vulnerable to outer damage like anything else in the world.

Vandals can easily break the camera by force, even though companies have now installed an outer protection layer made of metal, like they say that criminals stay two steps ahead of the law, they will eventually find a way to break the metal casing.

Even if they are not manually broken, security cameras still have durability; the solution is to install hidden security cameras so that they can at least be not spotted by wrongdoers.

The myth about wireless cameras: – Another common myth is that wireless cameras are completely wireless; they have their purposes and uses but they still need electricity to run.

Wireless security cameras also record low-quality footage and thus are not good in security.

The myth about zoom lens cameras: – People think that zoom lens cameras record whole images while fully zoomed in, but it’s the complete opposite.

Also, cameras will give pixilated footage when zoomed in which completely ignores the purpose of security.

Security cameras and lighting: – It’s a common misconception that security cameras don’t need lighting for color, but the fact is that all cameras need lighting for color, although most of them will switch to black and white mode at night.

Believing in myths can get anyone in some kind of troubles and can also be dangerous for life, so don’t believe in any myths about security cameras and believe in DynapostDallas Security Systems for overall security.

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