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13 Best Anime Femboys Of All Time

Best Anime Femboys Of All Time

Femboys or ruses in the anime are males with appearance personalities that are more seen as womanly.

About are in comedy series where they are funnily mistaken for a boy, or others wish to dress like a girl and embrace their womanly looks.

It doesn’t matter if they are Femboys or crossdressers; they are an entertaining and entertaining portion of their anime displays.

1. Makoto

From Minami-ke, Makoto is a contemporary of Chiaki Minami. As for his petite body and cute haircut, his groups often trick him into cross-dressing and sing him “Mako-chan.”

Best Anime Femboys Of All Time

Makoto brawls to admit that he enjoys crossdressing and kinds an adorable girl!

The Minami household has three sisters; Makoto is nearby friends with Chiaki Minami. Chiaki is the earliest and best known for her sharp dialect.

2. Ryuji “Yuka” Ayukawa

One of the key characters from the Blue Period, Yuka’s gender, is now unknown but appears to be geographically a boy, but desires to dress and be spoken as a girl.

Yuka is a poised, bold, and Femboys person who attempts to fight back their inner concerns.

3. Sousuke Mitsuba

Looking like a lass with a cocky attitude, Mitsuba is secondhand to be bullied by his generation and is known for his sharp tongue and morose and sour personality.

While poignant the school’s cubbies, Mitsuba derives face-to-face with Kou Minamoto, an exorcist draped up in the “Seven Wonders” in the school occupied by apparitions.

4. Lio Fotia

But Lio is Mad Burnish’s strong-willed and proud leader, a radical group threatening society with its lethal fire!

Lio soon arises in conflict with rookie firefighter Galo Thymos. Scorn being on opposite sides of culture, the Burnish’s secret makes Galo query which the real bad guys are: the Burnish or his people!

5. Aoi Hyoudou

He loves cute gear and uses his cute appearance to tease men falsely, but he is also known for actually being hot-tempered and isn’t a big follower of school.

Aoi is a co-worker with Misaki Ayuzawa, the “Demon President” at her college.

6. Saika Totsuka

But, because of his feminine stature and cute appearance, Saika is often incorrect for a girl—even by Hachiman!

When Hachiman bullets an essay, his teacher forces him to join the Volunteer Service Club!

Hachiman soon discovers himself caught between two girls—the school’s attractiveness with an icy heart and a bubbly and peppy girl who is hiding something from him! How willpower does this romance-comedy unravel?

7. Nagisa Shiota

He is a peaceful, friendly, and level-headed boy who is quiet and often ignored, but he is a very expert student.

Nagisa is a share of the unique class 3-E, and they are taxed with one job: kill their teacher!

If the period can’t kill him, a strange yellow-colored appendage creature, Koro-sensei, threatens to end the moon!

8.Kuranosuke Koibuchi

One of the main heroes, Kuranosuke, is a guy known for his female and handsome looks and takes it in stride by dressing as a gyaru. Whether a boy or a girl, Kuranosuke is a flamboyant, poised, and bold guy who will do whatever to help his friends and family.

One night while robed as a girl, Kuranosuke meets antisocial jellyfish fan Tsukimi Kurashita.

Becoming quick groups, Kuranosuke looks at Tsukimi’s pictures and dresses and decides to help type them into a reality!

9. Ryoji “Ranka” Fujioka

A backup character from Ouran High School Host Club, Ryoji, is Haruhi’s daddy.

He is a professional crossdresser and performer, going by his stage name, “Ranka.” Ryoji is a cheerful and loyal father who tries to be there for her after her mom.

Ryoji chains Haruhi when she enrolls at Ouran Academy, an amusing kid’s school. However, after she inadvertently breaks a costly vase, Haruhi doesn’t famine her dad to deal with the debt.

She ends up attracting a member of the school’s Host Club to salary it back.

10. Ritsu Sohma

As for Fruits Basket, Ritsu is a femboy who grows out his hair besides dresses in female robes.

Bandage like a girl curbs his anxiety, but he suffers from self-hatred besides is very panicked and remorseful.

Ritsu is one of the Sohma Family members who are irritating. He turns into one of the Chinese Zodiacs when enfolded by someone of the contradictory gender.

After meeting the early and bighearted Tohru Honda, the Sohma Family force has hope that the curse canister is broken!

11. Felix Argyle

A character after Re: ZERO ~Starting Life in Another World~, Felix is a knight-errant of Crusch Karsten, a contender for becoming the kingdom’s new-fangled King.

For his Demi-Human blood, Felix has cat-like entrances like cat ears and a smile. Despite being a boy, Felix wishes to wear beautiful blue-and-white uniforms.

Like Crusch, half-elf Emilia too is chosen as a candidate to be King and is aided by Subaru Natsuki. No one sees that Subaru was isekai-ed: inexplicably teleported to their fantasy world!

12. Najimi Osana

A character since Komi Can’t Communicate, Najimi’s gender is presently unknown, but she has confessed to being both and is often referred to as she or him.

Najimi appears to be the polar opposite of Shouko Komi, taking the ability to get close to anyone after only temporarily meeting them.

Disdain being an intelligent beauty, classmates have faith that Komi is out of their league, and she is continually seen as alone.

In certainty, Komi doesn’t know how to talk to others and imagine making 100 friends!

13. Marulk

Since Made in Abyss, Marulk tends to dress like a womanlike maid. He is shy and frequently nervous but also polite, approachable, and considerate.

Marulk stays with his counselor in the 2nd layer of the Abyss and is by now a Blue Whistle Delver.

The Abyss is a massive gorge full of many mysteries and confidences. Many adventurers have gone down into the Abyss to discover all the wonders unseen deep in the earth.

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