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Home » IRL Streaming Setup: 7 Best Equipment for Twitch IRL Streaming from Your Phone

IRL Streaming Setup: 7 Best Equipment for Twitch IRL Streaming from Your Phone

7 Best Equipment for Twitch IRL Streaming from Your Phone

IRL stands for “In Real Life.” IRL Streaming incomes that instead of streaming from your home by your computer, you use a mobile device to watercourse outdoors. The development of developed mobile broadband connection speeds permits high-quality video streaming on the go. Until lately, Twitch offered an ” IRL ” category for streaming physical life content. They introduced more than ten specific categories that differ among the kind of real-life content the streamer generates.

7 Best Equipment for Twitch IRL Streaming from Your Phone

Suppose you want to attain the best possible image and audio quality as acceptable as the highest production value with custom divisions and overlays. In that case, the most excellent option is an IRL Backpack. The backpack covers a mobile video encoder, a power bank, a camera besides a mount or tripod for best management, and many cables to make the whole thing work. If you want to know more about it or buy it directly from us, check out our IRL Backpack.

1. The hybrid setup: Using an act cam (GoPro) + mobile hotspot

If you previously have a recent action cam like a GoPro, the odds are that you can use it for streaming too. Using your smartphone as a hotspot syndicates the excellent wide-angle and image steadiness of an action cam through the Internet connectivity of a smartphone.

2. The best IRL streams use OBS Studio

OBS Studio is the most popular streaming software for regular brooks at home and mobile streams. Using sophisticated flowing software for mobile streams has significant assistance. Instead of streaming directly to your favorite platform, you rush to your local computer successively Streaming Software or a Video Streaming Server in the haze. The computer or server running Streaming Software resolve ensures a stable stream even if you have a poor signal on your mobile-flowing device. You can add custom overlays and calls for a personal and discrete stream.

3. Webcam

Webcam safeguards a high-quality and clear image and video superiority in IRL streaming. A good webcam is a necessity for successful live streaming. However, the laptop has a built-in webcam; it’s not respectable enough for live streaming. The image excellence of the built-in webcam is poor, and it doesn’t have topographies like autofocus and low bright correction. That’s why an IRL streamer must use an exterior webcam for the best results.

4. Tripod

IRL streams are shaky and unstable. It would help if you follow a tripod to overwhelm this issue. A tripod will keep your camera stable and prevent it from becoming shaky. Besides, it is easy to carry everywhere and set up. You can purchase a tripod calculated for IRL streaming or use a general-purpose stand. When selecting a tripod, guarantee it’s lightweight and easy to carry

5. Lighting

Illumination is a vital factor in IRL streaming. It aids in improving the video quality and makes the environment look more appealing. When selecting illumination for IRL streaming, ensure it’s bright and sufficient and doesn’t produce too much heat. You can use natural light or false light for IRL streaming.

6. Microphone

For better audio superiority, you need to use an outdoor microphone. The built-in microphone of the phone or laptop is not moral enough for IRL streaming. When picking a microphone for IRL streaming, ensure it’s high-quality and detentions clear audio. Also, the microphone would be easy to set up and use.

7. Encoder

A video cyclosis encoder connects USB, Ethernet, HDMI, wifi, or 3G-4G LTE wireless signal to a computer, which is rehabilitated into a digital format and communicated over the internet.

When selecting an encoder for your IRL stream setup, guarantee it’s high-quality and low latency. It should have a long-time cordless backup and be easy to use.