PopcornFlix Review: Best Project Free TV Alternative

People who have used Project Free TV website PopcornFlix. Know how easy it has made watching movies and TV shows for them. With its elegant UI design and excellent user experience, it is quite simply one of the best streaming services that you can find out there. Most importantly, it is free to use.

But we are not here to talk about that. We want to address another problem that users of this website are facing. That is, Project Free TV not working in their region. Being a free website, some ISPs have blocked it because of copyright issues. Which is why users can’t access it. If you are going through the same problem, then this is the article for you.

We are going to share with you an excellent alternative website that you can use instead, to watch your favorite movies and TV shows for free in HD quality.     

About PopcornFlix

If you love the user experience of Project Free TV and you want the same level of ease of use and HD streaming quality, you need to check out the PopcornFlix website. PopcornFlix has become quite popular among users all over the world because of its interactive UI design and the remarkable UX features that it has to offer.

The UI of this website appears simple at first but when you dig in a little deeper, you’d find it to be a lot more interactive and simpler to use. In fact, the UI has been kept this way so that it becomes easier to use by everyone.

Let’s go over some of the best features that PopcornFlix has to offer    

HD Streaming Quality

The best feature of this website is its excellent streaming quality. It offers you multiple streaming qualities that you can choose from as per your preference. The best thing about this website is, you get to watch HD quality content for free. With its HD streaming quality and excellent streaming experience, it is one of the best movies websites that you can find out there,  

Free Streaming

This website doesn’t charge you any kind of fee for watching video content here. You can watch as many movies and TV shows as you want, you would not be asked to pay any kind of subscription or hidden charges. Unlike paid streaming websites that charge you heavy fees, this website offers you the same level of user experience for free.

Engaging UI Design

The UI design is one of the best features of this website. All the content is well organized which makes it easier for you to get to the shows that you want to watch. The Homepage contains the list of the shows that that are trending. You can either check out those shows or search through the categories to find the ones that you want to watch.  

Powerful Search Features

This website offers you powerful search capabilities. It uses smart search algorithms that help you get to the shows that you want to watch in an easy and fastest way. You can simply just add in the keyword of the show that you want to search for in the search bar and hit enter, the website would bring that show straight to you. This is how easy it has made things for you. 

3rd Party Download Options

Although you can’t direct download movies and TV shows from this website, but you can use 3rd party extensions to do that. Plus, there are specific websites that offer you download features as well. So, if you want to download the content, these websites would be the best choice for you.

Safe & Secure

This website is safe to use and would not create any kind of security risks for you. Unlike most streaming services, this website doesn’t ask you to login or create an account or to provide any kind of personal or sensitive information. Your privacy would be totally safe on this streaming website. It is safe and secure to use, which makes it an excellent choice for streaming service that you can find out there.  

Number of Shows

This website gives you access to hundreds of movies and TV shows that you can watch here for free. You can watch movies as well as latest updates to your favorite TV shows here for free. It offers you an easy and interactive way of streaming your favorite content. And the best part is, you get all these features for absolutely free.

Wrapping Up

Finding the best streaming service that you can use to watch your favorite shows online is important. That is because going to a poor-quality website would ruin the fun for you. PopcornFlix offers you a fun way of streaming the shows that you want to watch online. We recommend that you check this website out when looking for the best streaming service online. 

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