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The Most Popular Video Streaming Trends for 2021

Video Streaming Trends

Since the pandemic, video streaming trends have been constantly on a roll. Every day, we have seen a new trend taking the Internet by storm.

For example, recently, the use of third-party sites such as by gamers and Twitch streamers have become popular. It’s a trend that everyone’s giving a try to boost their following!

Well, it’s 2021, and we expect to see a whole new bunch of trends. But which ones of these are to stay, and which ones will make it to the top trending? Let’s evaluate in detail below!

OTT takes the Lead

OTT, an abbreviation for Over-the-Top, refers to the media service provided directly to consumers using the Internet. Users of Over-the-Top services get to choose the type of visual content they want to stream and when they want to stream. Some of the famous OTT providers include:

Even before the pandemic, the OTT industry was growing rapidly. Instant and limitless access to media content has made OTT quite popular worldwide.

However, in 2020, we have seen a surge in Netflix’s revenue from 20.1-billion to 25 billion. The drastic increase signifies that the OTT industry will continue to rise. It may assume the leading position in media.

The pandemic has made it difficult for people to experience things together. Social distancing and quarantine are some prominent factors leading to depression amongst the masses.

However, following the shift from regular work practices to remote work, streaming services have come up with a solution for this too. Platforms, like Netflix, have introduced a new feature that allows people to watch movies together via video chats.

Netflix, Disneyplus, and other OTT platforms experienced great success after the introduction of this feature. So, we are likely to see an increase in shared viewing and streaming in the coming years.

Music Streaming is the new Radio!

Another rising trend in 2021 is music streaming. In 2020, more than 400 million people subscribed to music streaming services worldwide. At the same time, the use of traditional radios is diminishing.

Surprisingly, the subscribers of music streaming services include both youngsters as well as senior audiences. But what is causing this shift in streaming preferences?

Well, unlike radio, music streaming grants users the privilege to choose. In short, you get to be your DJ!

Plus, music streaming services do not waste time on unwanted, lengthy advertisements. Even when there are ads, you can always skip them.

Hence, this year, we expect the music streaming statistics to rise with more people shifting to third-party platforms. So, it is a great opportunity for music streaming service providers to boost their platforms.

Rise of Artificial Intelligence

We have always viewed AI to be the future of the world. And, well, this is the future we have all been waiting for!

After expanding itself in prominent industries, Artificial Intelligence has hit the streaming field too. Nowadays, more and more streaming service providers are using AI to make data collection easier and more accurate.

Live streamers on platforms like Twitch are finding AI to be of great help. Using AI tools, they can analyze their audience’s interests and evaluate statistics. Hence, enabling them to create optimized content and ace the virtual world.

In 2021, we expect to see an increase in third-party websites offering AI-equipped account-boosting services. While services like StreamUpgrade introduced the concept recently, this is going to become much more common in 2021.