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How to Bring Audiences Together in the Social-Distancing Era?

How to Bring Audiences Together in the Social-Distancing Era

Keeping your relationship live with your audience sounds really difficult in the era when people need to be 6 feet apart. We’ve never dreaded handshakes or someone running into your personal space before. But, we do now and we have to reinvent the way we connect and also maintain Social-Distancing. Almost every industry in the world is going through the phase of reinventing the way they deliver their services and maintain a digital connection. They are taking this online and here are some examples of staying connected.

How to Bring Audiences Together in the Social-Distancing Era

Online fitness classes

While fitness centers are slowly reopening around the world, some parts are closing again due to the second peak of the pandemic. While some fitness enthusiasts have the motivation to work out on their own, others have lost their mojo. This is because they love to exercise as a group. Fitness trainers and centers can use this to hold their classes online and maintain Social-Distancing with their community.

Some host their classes over Instagram or Facebook live while others use other video streaming platforms. Fitness trainers can also save their live sessions, put them in and offer them as their online fitness program at a reasonable price.

Virtual conferences

When professional audiences are in question, lots of business people look forward to conferences, many of which were canceled. There are also those organizers who don’t want all hours spent on planning the entire event to go to waste despite the social-distancing. So, instead of canceling, they just decided to take their conference online.

People are already used to this because they probably have at least one conference call a day. Meetings are done over Zoom and other video conferencing apps while we all keep our Social-Distancing. Participants can prerecord their lecture which you can later comment on during live video chat. Everyone will get a chance to ask their questions and entice a discussion on the topic.

Online workshops

Online workshops are great for educators who are unable to host in-person training and education. Once again, video-calling apps come to the rescue. This will help you keep your existing clients and even attract new ones. Lots of people will decide to use this time to better themselves, so interest in online workshops will be on the rise.

The best way to hold an online workshop is to separate the lecture into smaller chunks. The ideal length of one session would be between 90 to 120 minutes. People are easily distracted, so you should hold your lectures for several days in a row. 

Podcasts are everywhere

Podcasts are another great way to keep your audience entertained and up-to-date with the latest developments. Even Oprah has one where she talks about bestsellers, and lifestyle in general. 

Podcasts like any other virtual event require a team of people who know what they’re doing. You can be in charge of the content and the ideas for the series of podcasts. However, you should outsource the audio-visual and technical aspects of running a podcast to professionals.

Knowledgeable professionals at Veritas Events will assist you with every production need and cover every aspect of technical production. Comedians, actors, Tv hosts, entrepreneurs, and psychologists are all using podcasts as their way to connect with their audience and give value to people.

Virtual coffee dates

This is a perfect idea to build strong relationships with team members who are now remote team members. When people start working remotely, they need time to adjust to their new surroundings. At first, they’ll love the idea of peace and the quest for their home. But after a week, they’ll miss face time with colleagues, or chatting next to a water cooler.

When people work in an office, they also socialize with their colleagues. When they work remotely, they miss out on that. So, you should introduce the concept of virtual coffee dates to your teams. This concept will reduce the feeling of isolation and improve the feeling of connectedness. Pair people randomly every day and encourage them to talk freely for half an hour over a cup of hot beverage. 

Industry events

Industry events like trade shows and other promotions designed for B2B customers can also take place online. These can invest in creating a virtual exhibition that will simulate everything that happens during real-time events. Something like a virtual booth can showcase your product to prospects, only virtually. If you have a product launch happening soon, you should explore all the benefits of taking your promotion online. 

While we wait for the pandemic to be over, we might lose all the opportunities we have to keep our audience interested in what we have to offer. It’s up to us to seek alternative ways of communication and distribution and reap the benefits of online events.