Top 10 Virtual Events Ideas to Host This Year

Out of many business trends that have hyped this year due to restricted activities worldwide, the most victorious is “Virtual Events”. With the spread of pandemic all around the world, big brands and companies have turned their feet towards virtual events.

Simply defining, virtual events replicate physical live in-person events where people all over the world can participate, using digital media while adhering to social distancing rules. It connects all the attendees to a single virtual platform to make better communication between all the attendees.

Here are some magnificent virtual event ideas to host this year.

1. Virtual Trade Shows

Shows organized to exhibit and demonstrate the products and services of specific companies or industries, discover new marketing trends, communicate with their partners, and explore further market opportunities. 

Virtual trade shows exhibit the products in the same way as physical exhibitions with more advantages of connecting large scale attendees, which would lead to a higher success rate of the show.

Such trade shows can be categorized according to different industries like art & craft trade shows, food trade shows, technology trade shows, food trade shows, etc.

2. Virtual Product Launch

If you are a brand that is intending to launch a new product in the marketing sphere this year, the best way to do is by gracing your presence with virtual events. 

With the virtual product launch, you can reach a global audience and introduce your new product with its exciting features to them in a more exquisite way.

To make your launch more engaging and effective, you can even administer the attendee’s insights using interactive tools like video & audio chat, questionnaire sessions, etc. You can use social media for virtual event tools to make your virtual product launch more engaging.

3. Virtual Health Sessions

The health and wellbeing of the person is the primary concern these days. Keeping fit and motivated throughout the year, most importantly at this time when we are restricted to move out of our homes, is of prime significance for the people.

Fitness coaches and health workers can conduct online sessions to help people exercise and meditate to keep their minds and bodies relaxed. They can organize an event with prior notification to interested attendees to introduce them to diverse ways of getting fit and teach them several concepts to keep their mental peace.

4. Virtual Convocational Ceremonies

Educations institutes have suffered a lot when it comes to imparting degrees to their graduate students. But the introduction of virtual events in education centers has made it easy for the educational institutes to appreciate the deserving students virtually.

This is an exciting way to connect all the graduated students again on a single digital platform and grant them their graduation certificates virtually. 

5. Virtual Conferences/Meetings

For big companies, dealing in large scale products and a diverse range of customers, its the most crucial time of the year as they are unable to communicate internally and externally in-person. 

To make the communications smooth, they conduct virtual conferences, including presentations, product descriptions, and shared thoughts and ideas for better growth of the company.

 It is just the form of video conferencing to discuss the new ideas, strategies, partnerships, and agenda of the business in the more engaging way than phone calls.

6. Virtual Career/Job Placement Fairs

Amid the pandemic that the world is facing, students have undergone a significant issue with their career options. With a few options of in-person career counselling available, they are much confused to choose the best as per their grades.

Educational institutes, in partnership with career experts, should organize virtual career fairs where students and enroll and can explore the career opportunities that is most suitable for them.

Along with this, big companies must also have their booth in the fair to grant jobs to the graduates by communicating with them through chats and video chats. 

7. Live Streaming Chat Shows

What’s better than connecting with different people from different places of the world and sharing thoughts and ideas on a mutual concern. This is what chat shows are for.

In these virtual chat shows, the organizer invites famous influencers to discuss on a topic of major interest with each other through different apps and platforms. The date and time of the show is already fixed to inform the attendees prior to the show.

This way, the live in-person chat shows is replicated in the virtual form, which is even more engaging as people from all across the globe can attend it and connect with each other easily.

8. Virtual Entertainment Shows/Games/Competitions

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You might have heard people playing tambola via video calls during the lockdown. Such way they get rid of their boredom and engage themselves in a fun activity that involves them will full interest.

Also, companies can conduct live competitions virtually to boost the enthusiasm of the attendees and enhance the interactivity of the event.

Also, they can host a virtual event inviting people to participate in a game and win exciting prizes and rewards in the form of paytm rewards or gift cards.

9. Virtual Online Workshop

Workshops related to different industries can be organized virtually to teach the students the basics of the topic and its industrial/practical use.

Workshops related to art & craft, cooking, best out of waste, mechanics, tools and machinery, etc., can be organized to teach more and more people even when they are restricted to their homes.

Such online workshops are an amazing way to provide tutorials to the students with the full explanations about the fundamentals of the dedicated project by either displaying the presentation or the live video of the instructor.

10. Live streaming

You can host a live streaming event on various social media channels and go live with your event just with a click. You just need to post a notification prior to the event to let people know that you are about to go live in sometime.

This will create curiosity in your followers about your live event. Also, this is an amazing way to host a low-budgeted event wich an already established platform.

Plan your virtual event today!

Virtual events are the new rising trends of 2020 and beyond. Its time of the year when you cannot miss a chance to plan your virtual event and make your work reach to maximum audience across the world. 

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