10 KVA Generators Price And Specification

Nowadays generator is important tool for emergency backup power. 10 KVA generator can be easily installed at every location and easy to port anywhere. The 10kVA generators provide reliable and consecutive power at best affordable price. This size of generator is beneficial because these DG Sets protect your house or business during a planned or any unplanned power outage. The generators provide clean and reliable energy. Easy operation, integrated safety functions and a brilliant build fine make these generators the ideal running associate for creation professionals, regardless of the activity web page or mission in-hand.

Features and Advantages of 10 kVA Power Generators

A customer on the lookout of an appropriate generator may discover it quite difficult to choose a worthy buy. The variety of options to be had with their various functions can also confuse you, the buyer, much. You want to be clean as to what unique stuff you are seeking out inside the generator.

The  generator is determined by the kind of fuel used by them. While going to shop for a generator you should consider the following features for shopping a 10kVA generator to get the best value for the investment.

  • Low maintenance cost.
  • You can easily get spare parts
  • better reliability
  • Best block Load capability 
  • The latest technical Design of the generators for easy and fast accessibility.
  • Maintenance low & fuel-efficient & provide high work-efficiency.
  • Having a transportable 10kVA generator will allow you for out of doors leisure activities.
  • This range of DG sets is great in use for any occasions or out of doors activities.
  • Provide clean & efficient electricity for all job applications or energy needs.
  • 10 KVA Generator is easy to operate, make them more familiar & famous in all sectors of work.

 Using Tips of 10kVA Generator

  •  Allow your 10 KVA generator to calm down sufficiently before refueling it.
  •  Water must now not come into contact with your generator. Such a contact may result in generator ruin down or even electrocution.
  •   Before starting the generator change its oil and filters on a regular basis. 
  •  Never back-feed your generator output into the countrywide grid. It makes the utility line live, likely injuring a technician operating at the line.

10kVA Generator Models Price & Specification

These all are best and reliable 10 KVA generator models.

  • Eicher 10KVA Generator Price List-

Price Range- 1,85,000/-

Product Specification 

Model Name- 222 ES Model

Rated Speed of Generator-1500 RPM

Available Phase -1Phase

Capacity of Fuel Tank -100 L

Output Voltage-220-230 V

Cylinder Displacement-1557 CC

Frequency in Hz-50 Hz

Cylinders -1 Cylinder

  • Kirloskar 10kVA Generator Soundproof Generator-

Price Range- 2,30,000/-

Product Specification 

Generator Model- KG1-10ASI

Rated Power Output- 10 KVA

Weight- 800 Kg

Fuel Tank Capacity- 30 L

Voltage- 230 V

Rated Speed- 1500 RPM

Frequency- 50 Hz

Battery- 12 Volt (DC)

  • 10 Kva Signal Phase Ashok Leyland Silent Generator-

Price Range- 2,52,000

Product Specification

Generator Model- AL485G1

Rated Current (A)- 14 A

Fuel Tank Capacity (L)-50 L

No of Phases- 3

Power Rating – 10kVA

Voltage – 230 V

Battery Capacity (AH)- 99

Weight (Kg)- 637 Kg

Cylinders Quantity- 4

Automated- Yes

  • Koelgreen 10 Kva Generator Price-

Price Range- 2,20,000

Product Specification

Generator Model- EA16 G1

Rated Speed- 1500 Rpm

Fuel Tank Capacity (L)- 50 L

Lube Oil change period- 600 Hours

Power Rating – 11.8kVA

Voltage – 230 V

Battery Capacity (AH)- 99

Noise Level- Less than 75 dB

Cylinders Quantity- 2

Automated- Yes


In this blog, you get the best 10kva generator price and specifications. Before buying a new generator, all the peoples are worried about the choosing the best generator model that the which generator will be the best for you.

EO Energy team will be help you for suggesting the best generator for you according to your needs.

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