, Movie rulz Blocked? Best Alternatives for You to check out in 2020

Tamil movies have become quite popular over the past few years with movie releases like Bahubali and KGF. People all over the world are looking forward to exploring more movies and TV shows from Tamil culture. 

This immense surge in popularity for Tamil shows have increased the demand for websites that offer Tamil movies for streaming online.

In this article, we are going to talk about one of the best websites for Tamil & Telugu movies that you have in 2020. Along with that, we are also going to share some of the best alternatives sites for streaming and downloading Tamil movies online. So, stay with us till the end to learn everything about the best Tamil Movies sites online.

About Movie rulz

Movie rulz is a widely known website for streaming as well as downloading Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies online. This website has a huge collection of movies from all genres that you can check out for free. With Movie rulz, you can download the content using torrent which makes things even easier for you.   

Movie rulz offers a unique combination of nice user interface combined with awesome streaming and download features that are hard to find similar free websites for Tamil movies. 

What Happened to Movie rulz?

Although movierulz was widely popular, the official site was taken down a few months back, because of copyright violation issues. Still, some people believe the official site to be active but the only versions that you see out there are clone sites of the original. You can’t access the original movie rulz site anymore because it is just not there. 

There are many alternative sites for streaming and downloading Tamil movies that you can visit instead. We are going to talk about some of these platforms later in this article.    

Best Alternatives to Movie rulz?

So, let’s get started and see the best alternatives for Movie rulz that you have online in 2020: 

  • 4Movierulz 

4Movierulz is an awesome clone site for Movie Rulz that offers almost the same user experience. On this site, you can find Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and even Dubbed Bollywood movies. You can use the search bar to instantly look for the movies that you want to stream or download. All the movies here are in HD quality and can be downloaded directly to your PC using some sort of torrent client software. This site offers amazing user experience that is hard to find in most free sites for Tamil Movies.      

  • WatchMoviesFree 

Watch Movies Free would be your only stop for getting access to a massive collection of Hollywood and Bollywood movies for free. We’d recommend this website because of its amazing user interface which is easy to navigate. Although you’ll find a lot of ads on WatchMoviesFree, these ads don’t seem like that big of a trouble since all the movies here are completely free to stream.  

  • TamilMv

You probably already have guesses it by the name of this site, TamilMV is a website dedicated for Tamil Movies. This site only has south Indian movies but the quality of movies that you get here is unparalleled. With this site, you’d get an amazing user interface combined with awesome streaming features that are hard to find anywhere else. With this website, you can easily search for the Tamil movies that you want, using the smart search features that it has to offer.     

  • CoolMovieZ

CoolMovieZ is relatively new website for Tamil and Telugu movies that you have in 2020. With this site, you can watch hundreds of Bollywood and Hollywood movies as per your personal preference. The things that sets this site apart from the competition is the ease of access that it offers across all the sections of the site. This website features a unique user interface which would be a lot different than what you get at average free Tamil movies sites.     

  • YesMovies 

YesMovies is a free streaming site for Hollywood, Bollywood and South Indian Movies. This website comes with an impressive user interface and excellent streaming features that you just won’t find in most free websites for movies. With this site, you won’t be able to download movies directly, but you can use a video downloader software to download the content. You can find more similar sites like YesMovies for streaming Tamil Movies at WPE PRO. All in all, this site would be an amazing option for you for streaming Tamil Movies in HD quality.    

Final Words

Movierulz was a widely popular site for Tamil Movies and it even had a huge collection of South Indian, Bollywood and Hollywood movies. But now that it is not active anymore, you need the best alternatives sites that you can use instead. You can check out the sites that we have reviewed here in this article for an awesome movies streaming experience.