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How to Prepare For NEET Stress-free?

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Prepare For NEET Stress-free

The National Eligibility cum Entrance (NEET) Test is known to be one of the most competitive exams in this country. Throughout the country, lakhs of candidates appear in this exam to achieve their dreams. A mere 15 per cent success rate makes this entrance test even more intimidating than it is. As a result, the candidates tend to become more and more nervous as the exam date comes closer. This is a stage where even years of preparation seem almost nothing, as everyone begins to anticipate the worst. So, here are a few tips for how to prepare for NEET stress-free:

Revising The Timetable Helps

All the NEET aspirants have a fixed schedule or timetable. And they mostly follow the same one throughout the whole preparation period. But sometimes, this does not help. As the preparation advances, the schedule must be edited from time to time to put in a little variation in it. Following the same routine, every day might seem tiresome after a certain point and give way to stress and anxiety.

Here a little tweak in the schedule, a little change, can make a huge difference. The timetable must correspond with the present condition of preparation. Making it rigorous day by day, when the preparation is going well, can sometimes backfire. 

No Comparison With Others

Under this huge pressure, the candidates sometimes compare their progress among themselves as in how much of the syllabus has been completed. Every aspirant is advised to avoid this kind of activity. No parameter can measure the depths or breadth of one’s preparation. Similarly, no scale can exactly calculate how much time should be needed to complete a chapter or subject. These are not universal facts and do not apply to everyone in the same way. There are other ways to observe and evaluate one’s preparation, and that brings us to the next point.

Mock Test Measures The Preparation

A mock test acts as a simulator of the real exam and presents the actual progress before the candidates. It not only evaluates one’s preparation, rather helps one to familiarize with the actual exam hall atmosphere. Many students suffer from the fear of the exam hall. And despite having great preparation they are unable to perform well in the answer script. A mock test can be a real help for them.

It increases the candidates’ confidence level and contributes much to building a perfect time management ability in them. Getting used to the exam hall atmosphere and mastering time management can reduce most of the stress. Also solving NEET Important Questions provides the aspirants with an idea of what kinds of questions they might face in the Entrance Test. 

Get Ample Sleep

One of the best ways to keep oneself stress-free is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Though the pressure is high, a good night’s sleep can make things much easier. The human brain works better when it has received the proper amount of rest. Only then it becomes capable of taking in more pressure and functioning effectively. So, compromising on sleep is not an option. It is also recommended that the candidates get enough sleep the day before the exam. A well-rested mind is conducive to a remarkable performance. 

Maintain a Healthy Diet with Regular Exercise

Keeping oneself healthy is also a part of the preparation for NEET. Without a properly functioning body, no amount of study can elicit a good performance in the exam. Along with sleep, the candidates are recommended to maintain a healthy diet and supply the body with enough water.

Junk food, no matter how desirable it seems, is to be kept at a distance. And it is not advisable to consume too much caffeine to stay awake. Because it brings anxiety and stress afterward. Similarly, regular exercise reduces stress levels and helps one to remain more focused. It can be running, swimming, or cycling; anything that triggers the endorphins. 

Short Breaks Are Helpful

It is said that quality comes before quantity. It is applicable when one thinks of studying for a long time. Staring at the books and continuously shuffling the pages are not always as effective as they sound. This activity can block the mind after a certain point and can divert one’s concentration away from the studies. Experts suggest that one should take a little break from time to time to have a little walk or a conversation with someone. This helps the mind to deal with the building stress and makes it more receptive. So, a ten-minute walk or a small chat is always commendable.

Social Media Doesn’t Help

Addiction to social media is a common thing nowadays, especially for young people. It is the source of the greatest distraction that an aspirant must learn to deal with. Though sometimes a small chat with friends is helpful, still, if not careful, that might lead to hours of scrolling down the screen. In that case, it may create a very stressful situation for the students, mainly when the exam is knocking on the door. So, turning off the phone or computer while studying is highly recommended. 

Finding Time for Oneself

It is right that NEET entrance is very important for every aspirant. And working hard is also a must. Yet, sometimes when the study is going as planned, or when one is ahead of the schedule, a little time can be given to personal interests like watching a film or reading a storybook, or painting, or maybe cooking something. Giving time to these activities once in a while can help to reduce the stress level and makes one more determined for the examination. 


Multiple revisions make one more confident. The students, through the act of revision, find themselves in a better place with more courage than before. In this way, they are more likely to perform better on the day of the exam.

These tips are known to be much helpful for NEET aspirants. And these can make some real improvements in their preparation. Stress and anxiety are natural when one is walking on the path to achieving something great in life. But knowing how to overcome these problems makes one invincible and successful.