Growth Hacking Tips for e-Commerce Businesses in 2021

The term growth hacking, coined in 2010, is familiar to anyone who reads marketing blogs. It is a simple concept that suggests that all the strategies we implement and develop must revolve around driving growth. A mindset of growth hacking is immensely useful in e-commerce for it explains how online tech start-ups and services gain more users. We can run and develop programs, campaigns and tests with continuous attention on growth that will ultimately drive additional online sales. 

What benefits do online businesses have over traditional retail? 

  1. Development of markets for niche products
  2. They stay open round the clock
  3. The prevalence of targeted communication
  4. They provide sufficient data
  5. Enable group buying, coupons, bargains, and deals 
  6. Offers comparison purchases
  7. Eliminates the cost and time of travel
  8. They can find the items quicker
  9. Pocket-friendly prices
  10. Search engine visibility brings new customers
  11. Master the limitations of geography

Growth hacking tactics for E-commerce

Growth Hacking Tips for ecommerce

1. Featuring what the customers think

Regardless of how many beautiful brand stories and ads you make, sometimes even the best marketing efforts are in vain in comparison to other recommendations to customers. Buyers depend on social evidence. Therefore, before buying a product, customers prefer reading up the product reviews of other buyers. You can showcase the product opinion of other customers in the following ways:

  • Throughout the online store add more reviews from customers: Apart from product pages, it is strategic to add ratings and reviews of your business to the about section and homepage to display the satisfaction of your customers with the brand. 
  • Highlighting testimonials: Testimonies are comparatively more personal than ratings, for they allow buyers to share their satisfactory experience through engaging stores. 

2. The influence of conversion rate optimization

Conversion optimization or CRO, or Conversion rate optimization services for e-Commerce is a systematic procedure to optimize and test website elements, such as website design, content, and CTA or call to action buttons. This helps in the increase of site visitor percentage and finishes the target. The SEO objectives of CRO depend on the marketing objectives and needs of your brand. Some such goals for e-commerce businesses are as follows:

  • Newsletter sign-ups 
  • App installations
  • Social media shares
  • CTA button clicks
  • Form submissions
  • Sales

3. Sending Thank You Cards

Customers appreciate when making extra effort to make their shopping experience outstanding, whether it is a generous refund or a gift. You can easily make your customers delighted with handwritten and simple thank you cards. It is an incredible gesture in a world full of robotic and automated support. It is thoughtful and personal customer service. Refer to a few tips below:

  • Put in a social media offer: Motivate the new customer to introduce your brand on their social media handle with the promise of a special coupon or promo code. 
  •  Use services for your thank you card: Thankbot ensures that only the service is technically automated and all the cards are written by people. 

Use these tactics to expand your new e-commerce business.

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