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Best English Medium Play School in Jaipur

Best English Medium Play School in Jaipur

Even if a home environment is safe and friendly, where parents can teach their kids, a preschool experience is still important for children. Since parents want only the best for their child, they start looking for play schools months before their child is of the right age to attend a play school.

Shape your child’s future, strengthen their roots, and give them the environment they need at the Best Play School in Jaipur.

Best Play School in Jaipur, Rajasthan

VSI International School in Jaipur believes that at a young age when children start learning and speaking, they need proper guidance and an environment that can shape their growing years in the right way. It is the best school in Jaipur for kids aged 2 years 6 months to 6 years. VSI International School has established itself as the Best Play School in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Many parents have seen outstanding growth in their kids after enrolling them at this school. 

You must be wondering how is this school different from other playgroups in Jaipur. Why do other parents have trust in this school? Here is your answer. Every preschool in Jaipur has one or more of the best things for children, but VSI International School provides the most important things:

  • A friendly environment,
  • Preference for individual learning needs and pace, 
  • Support, care, and attention from teachers,
  • Imparting both- values and education,
  • And security around the campus.

All these make VSI International School the Best Play School in Jaipur for your little ones.

Academics Pedagogy at Pre-school in Jaipur

The curriculum at VSI International School- Play School in Jaipur for playgroup to prep classes is designed for a joyful learning experience for children. It involves the following:

  • Inculcating good habits, nutrition, and hygiene,
  • To make every child capable of good communication and actively engage with classmates and friends,
  • Initiation reading and writing abilities,
  • Giving an environment for experiential learning,
  • Teaching with visual aids,
  • Involving them in practical learning activities,
  • Introduction to basic speaking and writing understanding of English and Hindi languages
  • Introduction to basic Maths (from writing digits to simple calculations like addition, subtraction, and more), science (names of body parts, animals, birds, etc.), and general knowledge (names of countries, states).

Enriching Activities at the Best Play School in Jaipur

Fun activities are important in a play school for toddlers. At VSI International School, teachers engage students with different types of activities to create a flexible, comfortable, and enjoyable environment. 

  1. Art and Craft: The creative exposure to art and craft activities such as drawing, coloring, painting, and making craft items from paper, clay, and other materials brings out the artistic side and develops the right side of their mind which is for creativity. The right side of a child’s brain starts developing before the left side (analytical side), which is why more focus is given to creative activities and academic teaching with engaging activities at play schools for better understanding.
  2. Spoken English: Children start speaking when they are toddlers. They learn words easily when they listen and are taught new words. Children have excellent learning capabilities when they are at a young age, so the teachers at VSI International School begin the training of correct spoken English in children at an early stage.   
  3. Abacus: When kids start learning the initial levels of abacus at the right age, their mathematical and problem-solving abilities develop better.  


Another reason why VSI International School is the best play school in Jaipur is because of the outstanding infrastructure it provides for your children.

Puddle Pool: Summer days are cool when children spend time in a puddle pool and play with their friends. The puddle pool facility is especially for your little ones.

Playground: The slides, swings, and other playground equipment only for the young age kids are placed in the outdoor play area. 

Indoor Play Area: For kids, the school has indoor playrooms with many amazing toys, and games that enrich their learning.

Decorated Classrooms: The school has beautifully painted classrooms based on story themes, colorful seating chairs, and study tables in the classrooms.


Is the school English medium?

The play school is an English medium school in Jaipur.

What is the student-to-teacher ratio at the school?

The school follows a good student-to-teacher i.e. 20:1.

Is there any conveyance facility available?

Yes, the school has a fleet of buses for children. The buses are air-conditioned, along with the GPRS facility. The children are accompanied by an attendant and a maid. 

How to apply for admission of my child at the best Play School in Jaipur- VSI International School?

Collect the registration form from the school reception, fill in all the details, and submit it with the registration fee. Also, attach a photocopy of the child’s birth certificate and 3 photographs. 

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