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Learn Korean Online: How-To Guide for Language Study?

Learn Korean Online

The Korean language is the general language of both North and South Korea. Korean is among the most popular tongues of today’s generation after the success of BTS (Bangtan Boys), a South Korean boy band, who got celebrated because of their song “Dynamite,” and K-dramas that have developed popularity with shows like Squid Games, Crash Landing on You and Descendants of the Sun on streaming app Netflix. You can try these essential tips to learn Korean language online from verified platforms.

Around 75 million people express the Korean language across the globe. The admiration of the language has augmented with many people wanting to enjoy and understand the culture, music, cuisines, and dramas in the Korean language.

This article will take you into the tracks of Korea to help you in your first step towards eruditioning the Korean language.

Hangul: Learning Korean Alphabet

The essential step to studying any new language is to learn the alphabet first. Firstly, learn the letters, vowels, and consonants. The Hangul consists of 24 basic letters: 14 consonants then ten vowels. 

As you further dive into the lake of the alphabet, you’ll figure out there are 19 and 11 complex letters and vowel sounds, respectively, and five tense consonants formed by a mixture of introductory letters. 

6 Essential Tips To Learn Korean Language

Learn Korean Online

Make a strategy and pattern to trail while learning the Korean language. Many people don’t know where to start while learning a foreign language. This Forbes Advisor India has gathered a few guidelines you can consider to start with to learn Korean language. 

Tip 1: Learn Hangul

The most important thing to absorb any language is understanding its alphabet. You need to master it thoroughly. Hangul is the alphabetic script wherein the Korean language is written.

Tip 2: Build Vocabulary

You can start building your vocabulary once you get a clasp of Hangul. Start with learning Korean numbers, followed by days, weeks, months, and then simple communication phrases. If you’re developing a trip to Korea, make sure you learn movements and directions, transportation-related words, and food-related vocabulary.

Tip 3: Loanword And Konglish Words

Most Korean words are loans and Konglish (Korean + English). These are the words that make up a significant part of daily vocabulary. Then there are borrowed words, which are comprehensive, like English words with the same meaning but have a Korean intonation to them. They are easily memorized because they sound like the English language. 

Some other Konglish words sound exactly like English words but have different meanings. Search Konglish words, and you’ll find out how many words in Korean you already know.

Tip 4: Engage With A Korean Teacher

A tutor will help you absorb the language faster and more efficiently. It will help you move through your grammar and difficulties. A private tutor will appreciate your learning style and plan your study pattern. 

Tip 5: Engage With Friends/Group

Engaging with Korean friends or clusters will help you learn korean new words, improve your language skills, and motivate you. Make it a habit to converse only in the Korean philological with your friends. 

You can find Korean collections on social media platforms like Meetup and Facebook. You can also use the communiqué application KakaoTalk, A widely used application in South Korea, which can also be another to WhatsApp.

Tip 6: K-Dramas And K-Pop

Watching K-dramas and attending to K-pop can enhance your language skills. Adding this activity to your daily plans can help you learn the verbal faster. Adding subtitles, making notes of unfamiliar words besides phrases, and writing them will increase your vocabulary. After a while, you will be surprised how your brain helps you to compare the disagreements with their meanings.

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