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List of Degrees to Bring Empowering Roles to Your Career

List of Degrees to Bring Empowering Roles to Your Career

Building a career is no longer a privilege but the need of the hour in today’s world. Choosing the right field that does not kill creativity and continues to empower an individual can be a daunting task. We all wish to opt for a career that could provide us a leadership role in the corporate world. Considering the student psyche, more and more colleges are introducing degree courses that could give empowering careers.

Here is a list of degrees that offer students empowering career options.

1 – Organizational Leadership

You can put an organizational leadership degree can be putinto any business or organization. This degree checks the box for versatility, which makes it a worthwhile investment. A degree in organizational leadership from a reputed university provides training in soft skills like workplace ethics and hard skills like data-driven decision-making and strategizing to negotiate the conflict response. It also includes coursework in organizational change and innovation.

These are several reasons students should invest in this degree to earn opportunities and succeed in roles in business as general or operational managers and COOs. Furthermore, it also unlocks various government positions; for instance, people with an organizational leadership degree can work as city managers, country administrators, mayors, and governors. In the educational system, the roles of college presidents and school superintendents prefer graduates in this field.

2 – Leadership Development

Many prestigious universities offer bachelor’s and master’s degree in leadership development. Moreover, professionals with leadership and management degree become experts in talent management and performance. The niche of students holding this degree is identifying the skillsets, supporting, and placing individuals in teams and positions that best fit their skills for successful project management. The central selling point in the job market for you would be capacity-building within the organization. Capacity building is a necessary function as it serves to create a more robust and resilient organization.

3 – Business Management

A degree in business management is a convenient option when one runs out of choices. However, that does not lessen the potential of this course to produce leaders in multiple niches. In this course, the students learn the theories related to accounting, marketing, finance, business law, ethics, organizational behavior, and general management. Employers prefer a skillset to anything; hence finding which area within the managerial role aligns with your talents can help you through, as business management is a diverse field. For example, focusing on entrepreneurship, healthcare management, hospitality, information technology within your business management degree can make you more competitive in the relative area.

With the rise in the number of business management graduates, students hailing from this background have fallen on hard times. While it has faced a drop in its full-time programs, more students prefer this degree as a source of polishing their skill sets rather than a means for securing a job.

4 – Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity and leadership are the most favorable choice for computer and technology geeks. A degree in cybersecurity makes sense for individuals coming from technical backgrounds. It includes learning advanced skills in informational assurance, network security, data protection, and others. It provides individuals with empowering roles as leaders in the world of information technology. The advent of technology and its integration in almost every aspect of the corporate world makes this degree a phenomenal area to invest one’s effort and money. From hospitals to universities to police departments and state governments, cybersecurity is the priority in every organization and business.

5 – Public Policy

So, suppose if political science and economics are your areas of interest. In that case, this degree is ideal for you to bag an empowering position that would positively influence society as a whole. A degree in public policy provides students with an insight into the inner workings of international governing bodies, government agencies, and advocacy organizations. A public Policy degree from a reputed university such as St Catherine University teaches a full spectrum of coalition building and strategy. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in public policy aims to polish young individuals’ problem-solving skills to tackle policy issues on the state level, such as social security problems or resource management, etc. Once done with this course, students can work with the government of independent international organizations and businesses to tackle policy problems.

6 – Educational Management

Education is a broad field and includes multiple small sub-fields such as educational management and administration in education. A degree in education is an excellent option for enthusiastic teachers about teaching or running educational institutions’ administration. As lucrative as it is, this niche is ideal for teachers and administrators to empower schools’ roles as head-teachers, coordinators, etc. Addressing the educational system’s shifting state policies requires flexibility on the institution and administration. The students, faculty, and parents look towards them for direction.Suppose the educational system intrigues you and you wish to serve this sector. In that case, a degree in educational managementis the perfect choice for you.


To better understand leadership traits, we must distinguish between qualities of interpersonal leadership and team leadership. Several individuals are good at making correct decisions for their requirements. However, they are less efficient in making decisions on behalf of a group or an organization. Whatever the paradigm maybe, a leader needs to carry a vision, a goal, or a set of ideas that could influence and motivate himself or the group/community he is leading.

Anyone can emerge as a leader in their respective careers with effort and dedication. However, several degree programs are explicitly shaping students to take the leading positions that aim to bring a chance and empower others within the same field. The height where you see yourself in the upcoming years depends upon your passion, interest, and talents. By identifying what intrigues you, you can pick the right program to invest your efforts, energy, and money.