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How much does the CCIE lab cost?

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How much does the CCIE lab cost

Since its foundation, the area of information technology has been expanding. New advances provide some of the most recent tools and trends with each passing year. And, if you are an IT specialist, you must improve your talents and abilities. However, if you are a Cisco candidate or network specialist who hopes to get Cisco CCNA, CCNP, or CCIE certifications shortly, this appears to be a significant change for you.

Cisco upgrades its certificates regularly, although this is due to leading networking tactics and industry developments. As a result, you will discover more about the pricing of the CCIE tests right now in this useful reference.

What exactly is the CCIE Exam?

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) is an acronym for a technical credential offered by Cisco Systems. The CCIE and Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) certifications benefit the company. They also analyze professional-level network design abilities of substructures worldwide and internationally acknowledge the top level of network interconnection specialists. The varieties of certificates are recognized widely as the most significant network credentials in the sector. 

The CCIE community has established a reputation as the leader in deep technical understanding of networks. In addition, CCIE certification necessitates training in crucial technical network projects.

The professional-level certification course examines and updates its testing equipment. And processes regularly to assure and maintain the program’s quality and significance. These professional-level certification courses provide a baseline for learning network connectivity by utilizing hard written tests and a performance-focused lab exam.

CCIE Exam Fees: 

It is a category with a set fee. All other expenses are theoretically optional and, to some extent, subjective. However, you’ll have to pay at least $1,715 in testing expenses. The written test will set you back $315, and the lab exam will set you back $1,400. Unless you work for Cisco or get a certification discount with Cisco, that’s the  least you can spend on a CCIE. Of course, these fees are per try, so if you fail a lab or written exam.

Study / Training Material:

The majority of candidates spend a significant amount of their CCIE budget on training. Although the exam prices are constant, the training fees vary across candidates greatly. In this situation, We spent far more than $6,500 on training. Our company with useful references repaid a large portion of this is really appreciated. We would pay roughly $ 2,500 for the course even if we never compensated for part of our expenditures.

How does employee certification benefit them?

According to Haynes’ 2020 research, credentialed IT professionals’ incomes increased by approximately $13,000 in 2020. Someone with six or more qualifications earns $ 13,000 more than someone with only one certification. In addition to the income boost, respondents to the research mentioned three benefits of certification: the quality of their work increased, they were more interested in their profession, and they completed their tasks faster.


Despite the course outline for Cisco exam codes, current credentials, or exam fees, Cisco keeps updated to maintain its candidates up to date. Every Cisco test taker has questions, such as how they will be invoiced if they get a CCIE. Or how much would it cost me to obtain a CCNP/CCNA?