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Nearpod Join Code | Nearpodcom | An Easy How To Use Guide

Nearpod Join Code

If you are looking for tips on how to use Nearpod, you’ve come to the right place. There are several ways you can get started to meet your classroom needs. Whether you are a Nearpod trainee or a Nearpod pro, we can all agree on a couple of belongings. First, teaching is not easy. So much time goes into planning your days and cooking for your lessons. Creating solid and engaging lessons saves a lot of time. This brings us to our second arrangement; time isn’t ever enough. One thing that can help with exchangeable time is using the right tech tool.

Every educator desires to have a tech toolbox – a place where they can go to find the right technical school tool for the job. However, one common issue is that sometimes we have too many tackles to choose from, which can be frustrating! Fortunately, one multi-tool is a single key for all your tech tool needs, saving you time and making your job easier. You guessed it, Nearpod! Below are six tips on using Nearpod to engage all your learners.

1. Take advantage of the Lesson Library

Nearpod Join Code

You don’t have to make lessons on your own! The Nearpod Lesson Library includes 8,000+ standards-aligned teachings,10,000+ videos, and 3,000+ games and activities. They are searchable and complete to be taught the moment you download them. You can find a lesson FAST by sifting your search. Once you add a lesson to your lesson library, you can run it to fit your students’ needs or use it as is.

You can use the premade lessons to add custom activities, content, and diversity. Trustworthy subject experts and past educators create every message in the Nearpod Lesson Library and partner with other education companies such as PhET, Lifeliqe, iCivics, Common Sense, Crash Course, PBS Kids,, and Readworks. Practicing with these lessons is the perfect way to learn how to use Nearpod. Also, all lessons, videos, and activities are FREE with a Nearpod account!

2. Create mini-lessons using solitary activities

Creating learning opportunities through short, targeted activities has never been more accessible. A Nearpod lesson must not be 10-30 slides long to be effective. Creating mini-lessons using level a single activity can be potent. Here are a few ideas for what it means to use Nearpod’s activities.

3. Watch learning in real time!

One fantastic gain of using Nearpod is observing learning in real time. When your students implement a Draw It or Drag & Drop activity, you will have an inside look into their empathy. Drag & Drop allows students to sort or order images in addition to text sequentially or in thematic groups. You can easily create your drag-and-drop action yourself. However, hundreds of premade activities are available in the Nearpod Library for you to use, exchangeable for your time!

Another activity that can be secondhand for a quick check-in is the Poll. This activity allows you to ask multiple-choice inquiries to check for understanding, take a class vote, and highlight student opinions. You can understand the results (individual student answers and cumulative) live in the Teacher Dashboard.

4. Spark conversations by hearing from all students

As educators, we are required to reach every student in our classrooms. However, we don’t always ‘hear’ as many of our students for varying reasons. In a class discussion, we may hear that 30-60% of our students, due to time constraints, or many pupils do not feel comfortable participating.

Typically, we will see the same hands raised to reply to questions or to speak during a discussion. So many of our students are not caught, and we must bring ALL voices to the table. Even the quiet ones! Here are a pair of decisive activities that all Nearpod beginners should know about to make that ensue.

5. Use what you have!

For Nearpod beginners, it is vital to remember that you can still use the resources that you may have fashioned in the past. Do you use PowerPoint presentations or Google Slide presentations for teaching?

Good news! You can still use them and improve them by transporting them in Nearpod’s engaging activities and dynamic media. You can recycle bonuses by bringing them into a Draw It or Drag & Drop activity as circumstances.

6. It’s easy to teach students how to use Nearpod

Using technology comes naturally to students because they use it just about every day. One of the best ways to communicate to students how to use Nearpod is to incorporate it into your daily class routine. Have pupils that need Nearpod beginners tutorials?

Some Nearpod Orientation teachings can help walk them through ‘how’ to use the different Nearpod actions and give them the space to practice in a low-stakes environment. A few ideas are to review components with Time to Climb, make a Draw It exit poll, or use our social-emotional learning (SEL) mini-lessons. Explore more ways to teach your pupils how to use Nearpod.

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