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Top 6 Scholarships for International MBBS Students

Scholarships for International MBBS Students

Medical studies are viral among Indian students but limited seats in govt. Medical colleges and very high fees for private medical colleges have forced Indian students to pursue MBBS from foreign universities.

Getting a scholarship to pursue an MBBS abroad is not an overpriced affair, as these MBBS scholarships cover most expenditures and provide multiple benefits. This guide will list the top MBBS scholarships out of the country for Indian students.

Types of MBBS Scholarships for studying abroad

Scholarships for International MBBS Students

The scholarships for Indian students to pursue MBBS abroad are secret into the following categories:

1. Government-Funded Scholarships 

These scholarships are funded by the Governments of the USA, UK, etc., to promote worldwide trade in their education systems. Some examples of Government-funded scholarships are the Chevening Scholarship, Hubert Humphrey Communion Program, etc.

2. Need-Based Scholarship

These scholarships are for students from financially weak families who need financial assistance. These scholarships usually have a minimum family income requirement and require proof of household income.

3. Merit-based Scholarships 

These scholarships are grounded on the student’s academic scores, leadership qualities, and athletic, artistic, or other skills.

4. Privately-Funded Scholarships 

Private administrations sponsor these scholarships and have strict eligibility criteria.

Top 6 MBBS Scholarships for studying abroad

Many foreign academies are offering MBBS scholarships for Indian students. The top 6 MBBS scholarships abroad for Indian students are:

Brunel Medical School International Scholarship

Brunel Medical School (BMS) offers five admired scholarships to International students pursuing MBBS. The scholarship determination will not be awarded as cash; it will be deducted from tuition fees. The scholarships are worth more than £30,000 each throughout the five-year course.

The total worth of each scholarship is 15% of the annual tuition fee across the duration of the 5-year course. 15% of the first-year tuition fee is given in the first year, 15% of the second-year tuition fee in the second year, etc., subject to suitable academic progress.

The selection process to honor the BMS scholarship consists of two steps. The first step is choosing the eligible candidates for the scholarship interview. The Brunel Medical School Admissions Committee reviews the top-ranked contenders according to their Virtual Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) score. If the applicants have similar MMI scores, candidates’ academic grades, personal statements, and orientations are considered for shortlisting.

Ibni Sina Medical Sciences Scholarship Program

The İbni Sina Medical Sciences Scholarship program is a government-funded, competitive scholarship for international students aiming to study medical courses in Turkey. The full scholarship covers all fees and cartels direct university admission and award. It is granted to non-Turkish nationals worldwide for medicine, dentistry, nurture, veterinary medicine, and pharmaceutics.

The scholarship has a stipend of 50,000 TRY and concealment health expenses, tuition fees, accommodation charges, Turkish language progression fees, and round-trip tickets. To apply for this scholarship, the candidate should not have Turkish citizenship nor an extra type of scholarship from the Turkish government, must be at least 21 years of age, and must have scored at least 90% in the student program.

Anhui Medical University CSC Scholarship

The government of China guarantees the Anhui Medical University CSC Scholarship for Indian students to endorse cultural exchange and Chinese universities. This scholarship is available for both graduate and postgraduate students, but the student must be below 25 years of age to apply for this scholarship.

Anhui Medical University enrolls international undergraduates in an MBBS program of 6 years (including a 1-year internship) through English as the teaching medium.

The potential candidate can rub on to the CSC Anhui Medical University’s degree program or through the Chinese consulate in India. It is a fully-funded scholarship grant that covers tuition fees, accommodation, inclusive medical insurance, and a monthly living allowance.

The candidates registering in an undergraduate program will get a monthly stipend of 2500 RMB, free accommodation, and a teaching fee waiver. The candidates enrolling in the Master’s program will get a regular stipend of 3000 RMB, a tuition fee waiver, and free on-campus accommodation.

Rhodes Scholarship

It is the oldest, besides one of the world’s most prestigious international scholarship programs. The Rhodes Trust in Oxford manages the Rhodes Scholarships and offers over 100 fully-funded scholarships yearly for full-time postgraduate study at the University of Oxford.

The Rhodes scholarship covers the tuition fee, student visa fee, round trip airfare, and allied International Health Surcharge (IHS). The students are given a stipend of £17,310 per annum, from which they must pay all living expenses, plus accommodation.

Harvard Medical School Scholarships

Harvard Medical School provides scholarships to students who could be more financially stable from endowed funds, current fundraising, and unrestricted income. Financial need is the sole criterion for determining the amount of HMS scholarship a student receives. HMS scholarship support is mainly the result of donor gifts from individuals, foundations, organizations, or annual gifts to the HMS Alumni Fund. The HMS Office of Resource Development monitors these funds.

The HMS scholarship funding covers tuition and mandatory fees for a full-need student. The scholarship funding is limited to eight semesters of total tuition charges. The scholarship recipients may have to provide information like premedical background, residency preferences, personal and professional interests, and academic progress. Provide this information to avoid the forfeiture of HMS scholarship support.

Lester B Pearson Scholarships

The University of Toronto awards the Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships for outstanding international students, including international students studying at Canadian high schools. These scholarships are among the most prestigious and competitive international student scholarships awarded annually to approximately 37 students.

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