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Can I Learn Portuguese in a Year with Online Portuguese Tutors?

Learn Portuguese in a Year

Suppose you need to learn Portuguese in just one year. If you find that you need to learn Portuguese this quickly, you might be wondering what option is most expedient. Some of the options include taking college classes, buying expensive language learning software, or trying online Portuguese tutors. Some of these will work for those who are highly motivated to succeed and don’t think they’ll struggle with concepts, pronunciation, or expression enough to need extra help. 

But online Portuguese tutors aren’t just for people who need a little extra attention. They are actually a great alternative to an in-person class, or to language-learning apps. Which don’t involve personal attention from an experienced, human teacher. Learn with online Portuguese tutors, and you could see why tutoring is quickly becoming a favourite among distance learners all over the world. 

Learn Portuguese in a Year

Once you explore this post, you’ll see how tutors online bring you unparalleled convenience. And the ability to move quickly through lessons and content in ways that classrooms and apps simply can’t match. Learn about all the benefits you have to learn Portuguese with online tutors. And see if you can learn the language in a year. 

Why Portuguese Tutors Online Help Speed Learning?

Right off the bat, there are immediate perks to working with online Portuguese tutors to get the job done. Some of these important benefits include increased convenience, superior speed, greater affordability, more access, and a highly individualized process of learning a language. Read each section to see what you might get from working with such a tutor.

Faster Pace

When you learn with a private, online tutor, you learn at the faster and more effective pace of private education. Instead of learning at the pace of every other student in a packed class. You can develop the skills you need to achieve fluency in a much shorter time. 

More Convenience

When you choose private education, it doesn’t mean you have to choose inconvenient appointments, lectures, and meetings. Instead, if you get your private lessons in Portuguese from an online tutor, you don’t even need to leave home. Whenever you like, you can schedule free trial and instant session appointments with tutors from platforms like, gaining complete access to their tutors and tools.

More Affordable

When you balance a Portuguese tutor against the true cost of a formal university education, the savings are shocking. As you cut the need for transportation, books, and more, you’ll save thousands and thousands of dollars by choosing to learn Portuguese on your own time, by your own means. As you do so, you’ll pace your learning and spending to meet your unique needs. 

Greater Access

In some areas, there may not be suitable in-person Portuguese tutors to school you on the language. If this is the case, then online Portuguese tutors open a lot of possibilities and potential that simply weren’t there before. Wherever you are or whatever you have to invest. You can find a tutor who is willing to help you cross into complete fluency through regular meetings. 

Highly Personal

When you learn in a classroom, it can be difficult to stay on top of the subject as you compete for attention from a busy and needed instructor. Rather than that, you can have all the personalized attention you’ll need to make the most of sessions when you work with a private tutor. They’ll instruct you on every detail as you learn to speak like a Portuguese natural. 

Can I Learn Portuguese in 1 Year? 

According to the Department of State, you can learn Portuguese in an average of 24 weeks (or over 600 classroom hours). They estimate that because Portuguese is similar to English in key ways. It is also easier for English speakers to learn in a short period of time. While you may still need to invest considerable time in learning the language. It is one of the smarter choices to select when it comes to mastering a language in a year. 

Learn with Portuguese Tutors from Eurekly!

You can learn Portuguese in a year with a qualified Portuguese tutor. According to the experience of hundreds of similar students. You’ll find that working with the online tutor, virtual classroom, and learning platform of Eurekly is easy, simple, and satisfying. Use the site to connect with tutors, try free sample lessons, and access talent anytime for paid teaching. 

With Eurekly, observe how learning a new language can not only be fun. It can be fast and highly effective in ways that classroom learning is not. Every lesson comes with time with a private tutor, a chance to use virtual classroom technology, and the opportunity to take learning into your own hands. Start the journey today.