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How To Prepare English For SBI PO Exam?

Prepare English For SBI PO Exam

English as we know is the universal language used for official purposes in most countries, and it is used in all forms of paperwork. It is a required component of all competitive exams, including bank exams. The English, Quantitative Aptitude, and Reasoning Ability sections of the SBI PO Prelims test are all required. Reading comprehension, cloze exams, synonyms, antonyms, and vocabulary tests are among the English Language questions. In the SBI PO Prelims exam, candidates will have 20 minutes to complete the English Language part, with 0.25 marks deducted for each incorrect answer. The difficulty level of this part, according to experts, is intermediate to hard.

The SBI PO English Paper is a required component of all phases of the SBI PO examination. However, the majority of candidates are unable to qualify since they are unable to meet the SBI PO cut-off of the English section. Candidates should be aware that the SBI PO English Language part is multiple choice for both the Prelims and Mains exams, and that there is also a descriptive type test for the Mains exam.

Despite the fact that the English section of the SBI PO test regarded as the easiest of all the others. Candidates must tackle each bank exam question in English correctly. And if they are unable to do so, candidates can learn useful tips and methods for answering English questions.

Preparation tips for English in SBI PO:

In order to assist candidates in coping with bank exam questions in the English Language. A list has compiled which made up of preparation recommendations for the English section of the SBI PO test:

  1. Start with the English Section: Because reading comprehension requires focus and time, make an attempt at it first before moving on to any other area of the question paper.
  2. Reading daily lets you score easy: Candidates must be aware that the comprehensions that appear in the examinations, which are mainly snippets from newspapers or magazines, must be read on a daily basis. Fluency in the English language is achieved only when practiced. and as such, it is necessary to develop the habit of reading newspapers on a daily basis. The Editorial sections are a thorough read and must be read every day. Reading newspapers will also assist candidates in answering questions from the general knowledge portion.
  3. Develop Vocabulary: Most candidates fail bank exams like SBI PO because of the specified sectional cut-off marks for English and they do not pass this part. This is primarily due to their lack of understanding of grammar, as the majority of the questions are fill-in-the-blanks or discover the inappropriate word. This can be enhanced further by reading newspapers or storybooks on a daily basis.
  4. Take Notes on Unknown Words: Candidates usually have a tough time reading newspapers because bringing in the habit of reading them every day is quite difficult. Candidates typically dismiss words whose meaning they don’t understand while reading newspapers or books; instead, what they should do is to write down the terms and use a dictionary to figure out what they imply.
  5. Time is required for practice: Aside from remembering all of these aspects, the candidates should also try to solve practice papers and previous year question papers for the SBI PO English Paper to have a sense of the types of questions that will be asked in these exams. They may also test their English language skills with a free online quiz.
  6. Time Yourselves: Candidates can set a timer while practicing the different areas of the English language so as to enhance their speed at the same time.
  7. CAT books have an advantage: The English language part of the CAT/MAT/XAT level examination is the most difficult. Thus practicing and being able to solve these questions appropriately would make SBI PO easier.
  8. Preparing for grammatical questions: Error spotting, vocabulary, double fillers, and sentence improvement questions are all classified as grammatical questions because they are aimed to assess the candidates’ knowledge of English grammar. They will get two to three questions from each of these categories at most, for a total of 12-14 questions. More time should be spent on the error detection part, as it is the highest-scoring of the grammar questions.
  9. Reading comprehension preparation: This section contains the greatest number of questions. Depending on the reading, the questions range from easy to moderately challenging. When candidates have allocated the time slot to the English language, they are required to practice at least 2 articles and related detailed questions every day. Frequently, the questions are analytical in nature and are dependent on the candidates’ comprehension of the content. To swiftly answer such questions, read the sections before and following the subject. Even though this section is worth a lot of points, candidates are recommended to solve it last if they find this as a weak spot.


Candidates can learn more about the English syllabus for bank examinations by going to the bank exam syllabus page. As a result, during the SBI PO test, candidates should start with the bank exam question from the English part

Candidates should prepare ahead and begin their preparations for any impending bank exams. Reading journals and watching various English news stations can be good. Additionally, try to conduct an English conversation with friends and peers, since this will aid in the improvement of a person’s English understanding.

SBI PO English language preparation made easy when candidates stick to a strict study schedule. Many banking candidates fail to qualify for the preliminary exams because they do not satisfy the subject-wise English cut-off. Regular practice and reading habits, on the other hand, can assist them in overcoming their weaknesses in this topic. So, all the best!