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What Process does Students Need to Follow for GIIS FUTURE READY Merit Scholarship?

Merit scholarships provide students from moderate-income families to try out for financial aid. That opens doors to students who—while not coming from a weak financial background—might still require financial assistance. It can provide them with resources that can help them focus on school, maintain their grades, or even improve their academic performance.

If your child is checking out scholarship programs and comes across the GIIS’ FUTURE-READY Merit Scholarship, here are some essential things that he/she must know. You’ll want to read this through as well to provide your child with guidance and advice. 

What is the scholarship program?

The GIIS’ FUTURE-READY Merit Scholarship is for students who demonstrate academic excellence and want to pursue their education at one of their choice campuses within the country where they reside. It is a significant learning opportunity for students who wish to get access to learning opportunities and resources. Getting into this program will also help your child prepare for the future.

This scholarship is for school students who win the grant to get into the university and program of their choice. There’s also access to experienced, dedicated teachers and mentorship that can make a lasting impact on the students’ lives. If that’s the kind of learning experience you envision for your child, this program can open those doors.

Who is eligible to apply? 

Students on any GIIS campus can apply for the program. However, further requirements state that students under CLSP and CBSE who might send in their applications are in grades 7 and 8. Students from other certified boards such as American or IBO or any others might send their equivalent scores.

There’s a grade requirement, so look into that. If your child performs well academically, then this is an excellent opportunity. Also, the student must be a resident of the country to be eligible. In this case, they must be Indian citizens. That, or they must be permanent residents or have dependent pass holders. 

How long is the program? 

The tenure of the program is two years. However, the second year’s program is dependent on the student’s performance during the first year. If the student has maintained their grades, then the program will continue. Failure to maintain the grade average requested will mean being dropped from the program. That’s crucial to know as it will help motivate your child to keep working hard at school to maintain their grades. 

What are the requirements? 

Students will need to provide a copy of their academic performance for the last two years. That means your child will need to do well in school before they even apply for the program. What you can do is always encouraged as well as motivate your child to do their best in school.

If they are still years away from applying to the program, this gives them more than enough time to build up an impressive background and application portfolio. By the time they apply, their consistent academic performance would have paid off. It would be their ticket to the program, and the training they received would have also improved them and helped them grow their skill. That would give them a further advantage over all the other applicants. 

How will the process go?

It starts with your child sending the application form. Make sure your child has adequately filled out that form. Any sections that have been left unanswered will mean that the application will get tossed out. Next, you must provide proper documentation. That means your child must gather all the required documents and supporting materials and then send all that along with the application form. Incomplete requirements will get the application rejected.

On the other hand, this is also an excellent time to remind you that including files or documents that the school did not ask for might not help your child. Contact the program to learn more about this, as some might have different stances on it. However, the general rule is that, with so many applications coming in, including documents that might not be needed could be extra work for the screening committee to go through. They might take that against the application. Stick to the instructions to avoid any issues. 

When will my child be notified? 

The scholarship program gets in touch with the applicants within ten working days. That means you’ll have to wait out those ten days before you call or reach out to the program’s board. Trying to get an update when your child has only submitted the application form a day or so ago will not get you any responses. Once your child gets shortlisted, a scholarship assessment and test, and interview will follow before the result is announced. 

This is some vital information about the GIIS FUTURE-READY Merit Scholarship. Hope it helps you in understanding the program and its benefits better!