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Tips to Prepare Well for an IBPS PO Mock Test & Syllabus

IBPS PO exam

Taking up mock tests is an integral part of the preparation regime for competitive exams. Enter the probationary officers’ examination conducted by the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection. IBPS PO examination is one of the most prestigious exams taken up by candidates who want to be a part of the country’s banking sector. 

As more than eight lakh candidates are attempting the examination every year. Taking up the IBPS PO mock test is the only way to ace the exam. As mock tests help improve accuracy and speed. You will have a good chance of cracking the exam effortlessly with regular practice. Here are some tips you can use to prepare well for the IBPS PO mock test

Learn the Syllabus

Usually, the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection does not provide a fixed or definitive exam syllabus for prelims or mains. Just because the syllabus varies every year, you cannot miss out on analyzing it while preparing for the IBPS PO mock test or the final exams, for that matter. 

Even though the syllabus changes annually, you can easily deduce the important topics. That feature every year by analyzing and studying the previous year’s question papers. While preparing for the mock test, look for IBPS PO study material online and download the relevant ones. Once you accustomed to the syllabus, you can breeze through the lessons in a short time. 

Instead of studying all the topics in the IBPS PO syllabus, dilute down and concentrate on the topics which have more scope.

Analyze Old Question Papers

As mock tests are a trial run that helps you prepare for the actual exam. You must prepare the same way you would do for the mains and prelims. An essential practice that you must follow while developing a study plan is solving the previous year’s question papers

Going through the old question papers will help you understand the exam pattern. If this is the first time you are taking up the IBPS PO mock test. It is better to add this regimen to your study plan. By following this, you will get a fair idea about the essential topics and frequent questions. 

What are Your Weak Areas?

Before taking up the mock test, you must try to figure out your weaker areas in a given subject. Once you identify the concepts or lessons which may be a little challenging. Focus on these concepts and improve your prowess in those areas. 

Start with prioritizing the critical topics in each section of the syllabus and develop a study plan to cover one section every day. After completing the topics, take up the mock test to check your improvement, especially in the weaker areas.

Come Up With Easy Time-Saving Tricks

As mock tests are a sort of rehearsal that you take up before the main IBPS PO exams. This is the right time to test time-saving tricks to help you attend more questions within the time limit. Develop some tricks to solve the questions effectively in a short period.

Practice Is Key

Before trying the mock test, spend all your time practising the five sections in the syllabus. By going over the previous year’s question papers, revising the essential topics, and practising the sections. You will refine your knowledge and learn in detail. 

Approach the mock tests as the actual IBPS PO exams, perceive it as your final exam and invest your time revising and practising each topic and concept. From reasoning ability to computer knowledge, quantitative aptitude, general awareness, and English language, allocate sufficient time for all subjects and practice. 

Put these tips to use and develop a schedule for taking up IBPS PO mock tests frequently. With the help of mock tests, you will get familiarised with all the subjects and become a pro in managing time effectively.