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Video Game Live Streaming- A Great Career Option

There was a mindset among people that video games are only for playing purposes. But this mindset got changed with the introduction of platforms such as Twitch, GameSee. Now people can earn a huge amount of money by online video game live streaming using these kinds of platforms.

Viewers can easily watch their preferred streamers playing their loved games, and they can also communicate or interact with other people while watching. A career as a streamer can be difficult due to a highly competitive environment. Sometimes the audience will keep on mocking you while you play, but you have to be confident in what you do.

Top streamers can easily earn a six-figure sum or more if they are seriously into gaming and streaming. The top ten streamers are collectively earning around twenty million dollars, which shows that streaming can be highly profitable. Being a streamer, you must get into the gaming deeply and regularly interact with your viewers so that they feel they totally involved while playing.

Of the three money-earning areas- ads, merchandise, and subscriptions, subscriptions are a primary source of income, which ranges from $4.99/month to $29.99/month. The revenue earned from subscriptions distributed equally among the streamer and the platform.

Sometimes, platforms make nothing, and all 100 percent of revenue is passed on to the streamer. An accomplished streamer can easily earn between $3000 to $5000, and this profit increases when the audience grows. Ads are also a big source of income where the revenue is shared.

Two Groups of Video Game Streaming Users

The first group known as a streamer, and the second one known as the audience. The difference between the two groups is related to the production of information and reception. Streamers produce live streaming as they are concerned with recording and publishing real-time videos with their own smartphones, desktop computers, and tablets. Streamers display their game skills and strategies and tend to manage their image by interacting with the audience who are watching their stream. 

Audiences known as the consumers of what streamers produce, which means they watch the content on their mobile devices produced by streamers. Streamers can easily stream their video games using various platforms like the Download GameSee App, which has a very good user interface.

Video Game Live Streaming Features:

  • Video game live streaming is performed on a real-time basis where streamers share online videos of their gameplay, and the audience watches them concurrently. The audience and streamers can communicate with each other simultaneously.
  • Live streaming a video game is a kind of social media where the activity is conducive to sociability. Audiences and streamers can interact by giving rewards, chatting, learning online skills, and subscribing.
  • Video game live streaming known to have the characteristics of suspense in comparison to traditional media in which maximum videos recorded in advance. In today’s scenario, games have a competitive nature that encapsulates low and high moments and a suspenseful climax. But if we consider traditional media, we already know the outcome, which makes it less engaging. All scripted, due to which the outcome expected.

What Qualities should an Individual Possess to be a Professional Gamer?

An individual needs hours and hours of rigorous practice to become a professional gamer. You need to be the best at the international level, not just beating some online opponents. Individuals with unimaginable reflexes are good at gameplay, which will help you compete with other players.

How can an Individual become a Video Game Streamer?

  • First of all, you need to choose streaming software and be familiar with it. None of the people who are watching your stream wants you to fumble around with picture quality and sound levels.
  • You need the proper gear for streaming high-quality video games. These tools are also important as the content.
  • Stream on a consistent basis as this will help you to grow your audience. Inconsistency in streaming games will result in loss of major viewership.
  • Interact regularly with your viewers as it is important to retain viewership and earn money.
  • Stand out from the other live streamers by having fun and enjoying the game you are an expert at. This will build confidence among your audience, and they will like to watch you play.

There are numerous reasons why individuals want to record themselves while playing games for the audience. Professional streamers show that they have fun since they are their own boss. The more they play and interact with their audience; it directly affects growth on the streaming platform.  

There are many popular paths that lead to initiate a career in the field of online video game live streaming. One of the most popular ways to do that is through involvement with esports. Live streams enable them to display their talent in a format they like. Another type of entry is through social media platforms, where streamers interact with the viewers and fans.

The least common way is to write blogs or articles about video games. Few things which are required to stream are an Xbox 1 or PlayStation 4, a decent internet connection, and a compatible camera. Gaming communities are the most loyal groups you will ever encounter. Streamers may often perform live streams by having conversations at parks, dinners, and other classrooms with the fans.


There are few things to consider before you leave your full-time job to become a streamer. Financial success does not come immediately if you start your career as a game streamer. But if you have the confidence and time, you can build an empire out of it. You can earn loads of money, and if a rookie streamer has gained a huge audience in a small amount of time, he/she can earn a six-figure sum easily. Gone are those days where parents discourage their children from going into the gaming field and consider it as a gaming option. But the times have changed.