Boost Your Organic Traffic With a Shopify SEO Agency

Organic traffic can be incredibly lucrative for online businesses but getting this traffic is not always the easiest thing in the world. This is especially true in recent years, as the eCommerce space has seen massive growth but also more competition, which means it’s harder to get those all-too-important page one positions.

If you want to get seen in Google and grow your organic traffic, you may need the right Shopify SEO agency to come in and take the wheel of your digital marketing efforts. Even if you have a background with search engine optimization, SEO can get incredibly technical and now typically requires an entire team in order to be managed properly.

It’s not enough to perform a few tweaks here and there and call it a day. You need to put together a full-scale campaign that touches on all aspects of SEO, from the content creation to the backlinking, as well as copious on-site adjustments that ensure your website is complying with all of the different ranking factors.

How Shopify Gives You an Edge

Some of the work is already done for you. With Shopify, you already have a powerful eCommerce solution that is coded correctly and is attractive to both users and search engines. Shopify makes it easy to customize your URLs and insert metadata where it is needed. These initial steps can help you build a great foundation for your website as far as optimizations are concerned.

However, the work is just beginning here. Unless you have extensive experience with SEO blogging, keyword research, acquiring decent backlinks, and enhancing websites so that they perform better, you’re not going to be able to move the needle. Your SEO efforts are going to be stymied if you don’t take your digital marketing serious, which is why a skilled agency is practically a necessity.

Investing in the Right Shopify SEO Services

Organic traffic can be the make or break factor for your eCommerce store. If you have a steady stream of foot traffic coming into your store, ready to purchase your specific products, you will be able to generate a decent income online. The question is, how do you reliably acquire this kind of traffic without throwing money at the wall?

You need to make a smart investment for your business through well-implemented Shopify SEO services. Not just any kind of SEO work will do here. You need to put your trust in an agency that has a background in eCommerce SEO, and Shopify as a platform. Once you dive into the world of eCommerce, everything changes, and basic tactics aren’t going to get you far. That’s why you need a specialized agency that works with eCommerce websites on a regular basis, and gets them results as well.

The Shopify SEO agency you need to get in touch with is Genius eCommerce®. They understand the needs of online stores and know how to build campaigns that generate hungry organic traffic. Even in competitive markets, Genius eCommerce® can provide that critical boost your business needs in order to get ahead and prosper.

Your SEO isn’t going to magically fall into place by itself, and you shouldn’t expect it to. It’s important that you take responsibility for the future success of your business and ensure that you can get found in the search results for your most important key phrases related to your niche and products. Genius eCommerce® is the Shopify agency you want managing your digital marketing strategy. With years of eCommerce SEO experience and an extensive background with Shopify specifically, they simply know how to get results.

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