Top 10 Unique Online Courses | How to Use Digital Learning Platforms to Enhance Knowledge

Learning is an endless process, no matter how much you have already learned there is always something left out which will help you with your personal growth. And today in the 21st century we all are obsessed with online services whether it is food services, health services, or teaching services. Everything is going online day by day so learning new skills has also become so easy with digital learning. So we are going to see today, some of the best digital learning courses that would enhance your knowledge and skills.

Top 10 Online Courses on Popular Digital Learning Platforms

Dog Emotion and Cognition

Unique digital learning courses

Dogs are the most loyal animals and often make you curious about what’s going on in their mind. Much like a child, they play and entertain you and never fail to make you feel special. So, if you are among the animal lovers that’d love to know more about animal behaviour and cognition, then this course is the perfect fit for you. Addressing subjects like the new science of dog psychology, the comparison of dogs with other species, and modern research on animals, the knowledge gained through this course can help you build a better and stronger relationship with your four-legged friends.

WeekCourse ContentRequired Time
1Course Information11 minutes
2The Paradox of a Best Friend that Evolved From Our Worst Enemy3 hours
3How Biology Studies Cognitive Evolution4 hours
4Dogs are Cognitively Remarkable2 hours
5Evolutionary Accidents and Survival of the Friendliest4 hours
6Problems that Dogs Can and Cannot Solve3 hours
7Finding your Dog’s Genius4 hours
8Final Exam1 hour

Learning How to Learn

Use digital learning course to enhance skills

This is a problem that probably most of us go through. It is sometimes just very hard to learn that one answer or the bunch of physics formulas. This course will help you deal with all such problems. In this course, you will learn about various learning techniques that are utilised by experts in the field of art, literature, math, music, science, sports and many other disciplines. Some subjects that learners will be introduced to in the course include memory techniques, illusions of learning, how to stop procrastinating, and the best ways to study tougher subjects.

Where to find this course: Coursera
Institute offering the course: McMaster University, University of California San Diego
Price: Free (Certificate can be added for INR 2,140)
Duration: 15 hours (approx.)
Language: English (Subtitles available in in Tamil, Arabic, French, Bengali, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Serbian, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Vietnamese, Korean, Dutch, Estonian, German, Russian, Thai, Turkish, English, Hebrew, Spanish, Romanian, Persian, Hungarian, Polish.)
Course content: This course is divided into 4 weeks. The syllabus for the same is below.

WeekCourse ContentRequired Time
1What is Learning?4
3Procrastination and Memory4
4Renaissance Learning and Unlocking Your Potential4

Body Language for Entrepreneurs

Having a great idea of a start-up and the potential to do something is not enough to become a successful entrepreneur. Having a good and confident body language is one of the requisites to achieve success in the business field. By mastering the art of nonverbal communication, business owners are able to gain an edge over their competitors.

‘Body Language for Entrepreneurs’ is a self-paced course which is not only great for students dreaming to be a entrepreneur but also for business owners, freelancers, consultants, lawyers, real estate brokers, authors, public speakers, and students looking to build their confidence. By taking up this course from Udemy, one of the most popular digital learning platforms, you will be able to build effective networking skills, detect lies and hidden meaning in business interactions, and increase the sales of your company.

Where do you find this course: Udemy
Institute offering the course: Science of People (a human behaviour research lab)
Price: INR 360 (96% off due to New Year’s sale)
Duration: 5 hours 18 minutes
Language: English
Course content: This course is self-paced with 29 lectures covered under the following 6 sections:

Course ContentRequired Time
1Foundations of Body Language56 minutes
2Customer Relations1 hour 3 minutes
3Your Nonverbal Brand1 hour 1 minute
4Your Team46 minutes
5High Pressure Business Situations1 hour 16 minutes
6Final Steps15 minutes

Listening to Music

Every single one of us is a music listener. Some use it to relax and others use it to concentrate. It plays an integral part in everyone’s life. The name of the course might seem simple but the case is quite the contrary. Everyone hears music but to truly understand each and every beat of it is a tough task. That is the whole point of this course, to teach you music. Covering a wide variety of musical styles including Bach, Mozart, Gregorian chant and blues, this YouTube musical course is just what every music lover needs to enhance their playlist and gain extensive knowledge about the music world.

Where do you find this course: YouTube
Institute offering the course: Yale University
Price: Free
Duration: 23 total lectures, with duration of each lecture being 45-55 minutes
Language: English
Course content: This is an extensive course with each lecture addressing different subjects like Introduction to Instruments and Musical Genres, Sonata-Allegro and Theme and Variations, Mozart and His Operas, Modernism and Mahler, and Review of Musical Style, among various others.

The Science of Happiness

Course on EDx

It is a fast-growing world with people constantly running after money and other materialistic things. Because of this round the clock struggle and continuous work, what most often forget about are what actually makes them feel happy. They need to pull time for themselves and just enjoy the rollercoaster of life for a change. And this is what this course entails. It tells you about true happiness and how it can be achieved by discussing themes such as gratitude, empathy, and mindfulness. By the time that you complete this course, you will able to nurture your own happiness and have a much more positive outlook on your life.

Where to find this course: edX
Institute offering the course: University of California, Berkeley
Price: Free (Verified certificate can be added for INR 12,367)
Duration: 11 weeks
Language: English
Course content: This is a self-paced course that can be completed in about 11 weeks given that you devote 4-5 hours per week. The following are some of the broader topics that will be covered within this course:

  1. The actual meaning of happiness and why it matters to you
  2. How to increase your own happiness and foster happiness in others
  3. Kindness, social connections, and community as a key to happiness
  4. Most effective mental habits that inculcate happiness and the relevance of mindfulness

Biohacking Your Brain’s Health

Hacking course

With deteriorating health, particularly brain health, occurring at a global level, this course introduces you to methods for maximizing your brain’s fitness through nutrition, exercise, meditation, and sleep. It will debunk popular health-related myths and then uncover studies from the last few decades revealing practical routines and interventions that are proven to help improve the brain. It will also get a glimpse at the brain’s structure and common brain functions, as well as a “prescription” of tips each week for enhancing your brain’s health.

Where to find this course: Coursera
Institute offering the course: Emory University
Price: Free (Certificate can be added for INR 2,140)
Duration: 14 hours (approx.)
Language: English (Subtitles are available in Japanese, Russian, Turkish, English, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), German, Korean, Italian, Vietnamese, French, Arabic, Portuguese (European))
Course content: This is a self-paced course that will last for approximately 4 weeks if you devote about 3-4 hours per week. The below table specifies the course content and the time required to cover each topic.

WeekCourse ContentRequired Time
1Nutrition and the Brain3 hours
2Exercise and the Brain3 hours
3Meditation and the Brain4 hours
4Sleep and the Brain3 hours

Women in Leadership: Inspiring Positive Change

Leadership courses

‘Women in Leadership’ course aims to empower and inspire men and women from all across the world to stand up and raise their power for various important issues. With an attempt to provide insights into the challenges, trade-offs, opportunities, and organisational dynamics that women often deal with in their respective workspaces, this course drives individuals to reflect and introspect on their individual behaviours. Some of the questions that students will gain insights on during the course include “What are the valued attributes and behaviours of women in the workplace?”, “What can organizations do to provide women with opportunities to excel?”, and so on.

The length of this digital learning course is approximately 4 weeks if you give about 1-2 hours per week.

Where to find this course: Coursera
Institute offering the course: Case Western Reserve University
Price: Free (Students may audit the course for free, though to attain the certificate and take graded assignments, they may be required to pay ₹2,846 after their trial ends.)
Duration: 12 hours (approx.)
Language: English (Subtitles are available in French, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, Chineese, Vietnamese, Russian, German, English, Spanish)
Course content: This course will educate individuals through various engaging videos, informative articles, discussion forums, and face-to-face discussions. The table below highlights the week-wise course content and the time dedicated to each of them.

Week Course ContentRequired Time
1Yourself as a Leader—Developing your Leadership Identity3 hours
2The Current State of Women’s Leadership at the Top!3 hours
3Women’s Leadership Presence3 hours
4Leadership Tools for Women2 hours

De-Mystifying Mindfulness

Unique digital learning courses

There has been a significant rise in conversations involving meditation, contemplation, and mindfulness in the past few years. Rather than seeing them as baseless talks from esoteric philosophy and ancient Buddhism, they are being seen as they truly are – therapeutic interventions rooting from psychology and neuroscience. This course gives a fresh perspective on the subject, addressing questions like “What is mindfulness?”, “Can anyone learn it?”, “How will you know if you are mindful?”, etc.

Where to find this course: Coursera
Institute offering the course: Leiden University
Price: Free (Certificate can be added for ₹2,116)
Duration: 35 hours (approx.)
Language: English (Subtitles are available in French, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Russian, German, English, Spanish)
Course content: This is a self-paced course curated for digital learning. From conceptions and misconceptions about mindfulness to how to interpret your own experiences, this course teaches it all.

Week Course ContentRequired Time
1Welcome to the course + Introduction to Mindfulness2 hours + 5 hours
2Psychology of/& Mindfulness6 hours
3Philosophy of/& Mindfulness6 hours
4Politics of/& Mindfulness6 hours

Why We Post: The Anthropology of Social Media


We all have many friends that are obsessed with posting every minute detail of their life on the Internet. It may just as well be you who is one such person. But, have you ever got down to the roots behind why we post on social media? Well, this online course explores just that through an anthropological approach. Based on the experience of 9 anthropologists that spent 15 months in 9 communities across the world, this is one of the best digital learning courses to learn about the role of social media in the lives of people.

Where to find this course: UCLeXtend
Institute offering the course: UCL (University College London)
Price: Absolutely free!
Duration: 5 weeks
Language: English (Subtitles are available in Chinese, Hindi, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Tamil and Turkish)
Course content: If you have an interest in social media and its impact on people, then this is the course for you! Through this course, you will learn on the following subjects:

  1. Definition of Social Media
  2. Introduction to Anthropology & Academic Approaches to Social Media
  3. Increased Use of Images for Communication
  4. Impact of Social Media on Gender, Politics, Education, Commerce, Poverty, and Inequality

Cartoon Drawing: For Absolute Beginners

Digital learning courses

This unique course is one of the best choices available on digital learning platforms for people having an interest in drawing. Most of the time people can’t see any career in the field of drawing but this course can do wonders in bringing your talent to the surface. You will learn to draw cute cartoon characters with different hairstyles and facial expressions along with simple backgrounds. If you wish to pursue a career in cartoon drawing in the future, then this course is one of the best for building a strong base.

Where to find this course: Udemy
Created by: George Grancharov
Price: ₹ 455 (It is currently on 87% off so hurry and get it!)
Duration: 6 hours 26 minutes
Language: English
Course content: This course is inclusive of 6.6 on-demand videos, 4 articles, 23 downloadable resources, full lifetime access on mobile and TV, and a Certificate of Completion. The table below specifies the course content as well as the time required to complete each topic.

S.No.Course ContentRequired Time
1Introduction – Equipment and Tools you will need2 minutes
2Getting Started – Understanding Cute and Cartoon Characters Anatomy8 minutes
3Building a Head21 minutes
4Building a Body6 minutes
5Designing a Character28 minutes
6Bonus Lectures1 hour 2 minutes
7Student Feedback Series4 hour 18 minutes
8Conclusion1 minute

It is evident that digital learning in India is reaching new highs, with so many unique courses, gadgets, and platforms emerging every day. Khan Academy, CodeAcademy, Skillshare, and Unacademy are some other great online learning platforms where students can seek unique and innovative courses. We hope at least one course in this list piqued your interest. Happy learning!

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