Re-defining Supply Chain Management with Robust ERP Solution

A lot has been talked about and still been talked about the latest trends and innovations going around the market to inspire manufacturers to do something new and make way for their increased brand awareness. Manufacturers today seem to have gained the right intelligence on how to convince customers and give a special effect to their manufactured product. By doing this they are not just winning the hearts of the customers but also beating the cutting-edge competition with their right skill set and hard work. Most of the manufacturing businesses today irrespective of their size are automated and have set next-level quality standards for their finished items.

What has brought this change in the industry? 

Is it some new manipulative strategy on winning the customer’s heart or the revised business plans? Well, the answer is – Technology. Digitalization has brought a remarkable difference in the ways manufacturing takes place. A smart and robust ERP system, like SAP Business One ERP, has revolutionized production planning. With intelligent ERP at the place, manufacturers have become even smarter in predicting the upcoming trends and forecasting the market situations. This has benefited both the manufacturers and the end-consumers.

However, not 100% of the leverage is being utilized. This is because, the bridge between the two, that is, manufacturers and end-consumers – the Suppliers are not seen to be that much advanced. It’s like the production has been made advanced but the supply management is not advanced enough to bring innovative and customized products to the market fast, which ultimately does no good to the economy.

Restructuring Supply Management

So, what’s the solution, how can we make the supplying process smart too? The answer remains the same – It’s the best ERP software, like SAP Business One – that not just streamlines only the production chain but the supply chain too. SAP Business One manages the end-to-end business operations from inventory management to production to supply to final transactions and thus keep a track of the accurate financials and profit/loss situations.

To add value to the solution, there are some special add-ons specific to the trading industry, like Quality Analysis, Gate Entry, sales and purchase, etc. – that are very much available with best SAP Business One partners in Mumbai, Uneecops. SAP Business One partner is capable of customizing the solution as per the unique challenges (if chosen the right one) to enable even smoother workflow. 

Let’s understand what all changes can be made in the supply chain with the adoption of ERP.

Benefits of ERP in Supply Chain Management

By integrating the entire supply chain management system with an intelligent platform, you contribute towards business growth. A synchronized workflow enables accurate, real-time data and enhanced wisdom to make critical business decisions.

ERP’s in-built modules including inventory management, finance management, supply chain management renders you greater visibility and control of your business.

Also, streamlined business processes help in timely completion of the projects which ultimately results in greater customer satisfaction and increased word of mouth marketing.

In conclusion, all we can say is that suppliers are the bridge between manufacturers and consumers and to avoid any miscommunication of commodities, it’s high time now to make supplying chain management an advanced process.

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