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5 Data Recovery Software for Windows 10

The emergence of digital data has helped people a lot in their work sphere, as well as personal life. Now, people don’t have to deal with the pen and paper to store data in their workbooks. In addition to that, they also don’t have to print their favorite pictures to keep the memories intact. But, when it comes to data safety, are you really secured. What if the data is lost somehow? Now, that can be a big problem. That is why all the data experts suggest people to use data recovery software to retrieve the lost data.

Using these Software are the only way to get back the data which is lost. There are several reasons that might lead to data loss. Some of them are like malware attacks, unexpected deletion of data, corrupted HDD or SSD and others.

The Working Process of Data Recovery 

Before heading to start the recovery process, you must have some brief knowledge about how the work is really done. Let’s assume you have accidentally deleted any file or the file is lost due to some errors in the storage device. The actual thing is that the file might have been deleted, but the registry thread of the file is still in some clusters of the drive. The data recovery applications find those cluster threads and reconstruct the data, and bring them back. 

Best Data Recovery Applications 

Let’s have a look at some of the data recovery applications in detail. Before downloading and installing the application, make sure that you have enough space on your computer. In addition to that, you also have to be sure about the software’s compatibility with the OS. 

Disk Drill 

According to the data experts, Disk Drill is one of the best data recovery applications for Windows 10. In just a few clicks, you will get all of your lost data back. There are basically two versions of the software available- One is free and the other is the paid or premium version. The free version has the ability to recover up to 500 MB. The scanning feature is worth mentioning in this application. 

Not only it will recover all of your files, but it will bring back all the broken clusters and assemble it all together to reconstruct the file again. The user-interface is easy and you will not face much difficulty. Furthermore, the application will also provide protection during the recovery process from various types of intruder and malware attacks

Prosoft Data Rescue 

The Prosoft Data Rescue is developed with delicate engineering precision for the recovery of data in Windows 10. The tools in the application are advanced and stuffed with exclusive features. For the last 20 years, this application has been giving a good service to the people to bring back their lost data and haven’t disappointed anyone yet. 

When you see that one of your computer drive’s conditions is critical and has a good amount of data in it, you can clone it easily. After cloning the drive, the data in it will be copied with the cloning process in the new clone drive. Before starting the data recovery process, make sure that the drive has more than 30 GB of space. 

Puran for Windows 10

Puran is also a file recovery application that runs best in Windows 10 OS. If you are willing to roll back all of your personal lost data, then this software is good for you. As per the suggestions given by the professionals, it is not better to use this application for your work purposes because the developers have already stopped providing the latest update to Puran since 2016. 

The application has the ability to support FAT 132/16/12, NTFS and other device storage formats for the data retrieval. The data recovery rate is more than 90%. There are two types of scans in the application- One is the quick scan and the other is the deep scan. Software compatibility in any system has overall positive results. 

Recuva for Windows 10

Recuva is an absolutely free application for the users of Windows 10. The application can recover all the deleted files from the recycle bin, empty folders, and other storage devices. Apart from Windows 10, it also works best in the other operating systems like Windows 7, 8, 8.1. 

Recuva is not completely free, it also has the paid version. There are certain limitations in the free version and you can install it just to check the application. As per your requirement, you can install the paid version to enjoy all the features. 


This is one of the best data recovery applications made for Windows 10. If you lose any data from your computer while making the partition in the drive, then iBeesoft will extract all the data out and present it in front of you. There is no chance of incompatibility regarding the storage formats as it supports every file format. You will be able to recover all types of files like pictures, videos, emails, notepad files, and many more. The algorithm is excellent as it reconstructs all the deleted file structure. 


Most of the experts suggest all the computer users should use the paid version of the data recovery software. The paid versions are safe and you will be able to use every feature of this application. After the data is fully recovered, it is better to move them to any external storage device or upload it to your selected cloud storage for future safety.