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How to Prevent Bots Attacks: Cybersecurity Essential Guide?

Bots Cybersecurity Essentials Guide

“Bots” or “robots” are computer programs that perform predefined tasks automatically and repetitively, imitating certain actions of human beings when using a computer network — such as the Internet. In this sense, a bot can work much faster than a person and without making the same mistakes.

Although there are many bots that serve useful functions on the Internet, there are also many that are entirely malicious and are used by cybercriminals to commit different criminal acts.

Sometimes, these programs act alone, but some are also capable of communicating with other bots. So that they infiltrate other machines and spread on the network. Thus becoming a botnet, gaining new arms and multiplying its dangerousness.

In this simple guide, you’ll learn what bots are and what you can do to block bots attacks on your devices.

How can bots harm you or your organization?

Bots are a problem for both companies and individual users as they can be used to steal valuable information such as passwords, for example. These programs are specialists in going unnoticed, hiding very well between files and processes. That have names very similar to those of the infected system itself. Currently, there are many types of bots that one or more attackers can use to commit criminal acts such as:

Steal personal and financial information

Criminals can use a botnet to send false messages in attempts to get a user to fall for it and give them their bank account password or other similar information. Bots can also directly steal information from infected machines, impersonate their owners, and spend all their money.

Attack web services

Many criminals use bots to carry out denial of service (DDoS) attacks, which consist of saturating the network or service of a specific company with high levels of traffic that are impossible to process. This high volume of traffic can seriously affect the responsiveness of the service to the point of completely disabling it.

Extorting their victims

Many of these attacks are carried out preemptively to extort money from victims through messages like “Pay or we’ll attack your website.” On the other hand, some mafia business groups are capable of financing this type of aggression against other competing companies to weaken them or drive them out of their sector. In other cases, some groups are made up of hackers with determined political ideologies who wish to contribute to the downfall of ruling groups.

Make money with their botnet systems

Some criminal groups organize to rent their bots or botnets to other criminal groups who can use them to send SPAM emails, commit fraud, steal identities or attack networks and companies on the Internet.

How can you prevent bots attacks on your devices and networks?

Bots Cybersecurity Essentials Guide

The big problem today is that the use of bots by criminals has multiplied enormously. Targeting many of the online services that consumers often interact with or directly attacking such services.

Although there will always be the risk of being a victim of a bot attack, protecting a computer or network is not impossible; you just need to follow certain guidelines and pay regular attention to the security systems in place.

Here are some tips to keep bots or botnets away from your systems:

Avoid suspicious-looking websites and ads

Many attackers offer ads or downloads that are very attractive and intriguing. If a website that you don’t know offers you an application that it turns out you’re looking for, be careful.

Likewise, if an advertisement indicates that your computer is malfunctioning and offers to install a tool to correct the problem, ignore that offer because if you accept it, you’ll most likely end up installing malware on your computer.

Don’t click on suspicious links

Only click on links for which you know their origin. You should also apply this criterion to your email accounts. It happens very frequently that infections originate from files that come from strange sites or from contacts that don’t follow the appropriate security measures. Be also very careful about connecting USB sticks or copying files from third-party devices.

Activate automatic updates

Companies that manufacture software and hardware devices often release security updates to be installed on machines for free. It’s convenient to always stay alert to take advantage of these updates and configure them to download and install automatically.

Thanks to these updates and security patches, you can protect your computer from the gaps left by manufacturers against possible attacks from old and new bot threats.

Avoid using pirated or old programs

The little or total absence of security that these types of tools offer is an open door to bot invasions. If a certain program is too expensive to purchase legally. Remember that more affordable options are always available on the Web.

Install an antimalware application

Using an advanced anti malware product to protect your devices is one of the easiest ways to prevent bots threats. Nowadays there are many security solutions designed to block viruses and many other types of malicious software in real time.

In addition, some of these tools can also help you prevent hackers from directly taking control of your devices remotely. Remember to activate automatic updates.

Use a bot manager

Another powerful tool against malicious bots, especially for organizations, are bot managers. These are applications that are included in some security platforms for web apps. These bot managers allow you to authorize the activity of certain beneficial bots. While blocking those that may cause some kind of problem.

Its operation consists of analyzing and classifying incoming requests to determine. If they come from a human being, a benign bot or a malicious bot; any suspicious-looking traffic will be diverted to prevent it from reaching its destination: your devices.

Manage access permissions carefully

Limiting access to certain areas to people who have no relationship with those areas is another way to avoid opening doors to possible bot attacks due to human errors.

For example, marketing employees don’t require access to the administrative department. This practice can help greatly in reducing the volume of traffic to certain areas of the network. That may be much more vulnerable to certain threats.

Always be alert to security news

Many companies that develop cybersecurity solutions often participate in discussion forums, social networks, and specific communities to discuss security and related issues. This practice allows you to go an extra step ahead of threats and act more quickly in the face of them.


Although there are many types of bots that can be a danger to the security of your systems. Remember also that many benign bots are essential for the proper functioning of the Internet and other networks. As they can perform many useful tasks. Unfortunately, this fact can play a role in making the task of detecting malicious bots even more difficult, especially if special tools are not used for this.

In any case, always remember that the best way to present a great defence and prevent bots threats in an effective way, is to know the risks, be always vigilant against suspicious activities, and make a combined and intelligent use of all possible prevention and security tips.