7 Reasons to Improve Cybersecurity by Updating Software

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest challenges in front of the tech world. Companies are investing a huge chunk of money in improving cybersecurity, with investment in solutions such as endpoint privilege management (EPM) essential in the corporate space.

By 2022, the cybersecurity market is estimated to grow somewhere between $124 to $170.

But the truth is that you don’t need to invest this much in cybersecurity. If you do several certain things right, you will never get into trouble. 

And, one of those things is updating your software regularly. 

Yes, this may sound obvious, but we tend to overlook it as website owners and internet users. 

So, we decided to go over eight reasons as to why you need to update your software:

Seven reasons to update software for enhancing cybersecurity

Improve Cybersecurity

1. Software updates clean up your system.

Be it a website or computer, a software/CMS update helps clean up the clutter.

Updates remove outdated programs that can act as a link between you and hackers. Outdated patches and programs act as a loophole that allows hackers to sneak into your website or system. 

Moreover, new updates come with the latest security patches and features that can enhance your experience. 

Latest software updates contain bug fixes that repair your system and keep it clear of harmful bugs that can further prove fatal. 

2. Updates fix security patches.

As mentioned in the previous point, software vulnerability or flaws can leave a way for hackers to make in-roads. 

They can exploit the vulnerable part and infect your system with viruses and malware. 

Even visiting an unsolicited website can trigger an attack on your outdated software so, don’t think you are safe because you don’t install any apps. 

Once the malware gets injected, hackers can easily steal your data and manipulate it. Even sensitive information like bank details is also at serious risk. 

3. Updates keep your data protected.

Outdated software, once breached, can put all your information at risk. 

From credit/debit cards, bank, residential addresses, Personal Identification Numbers and ID proofs to email addresses, everything becomes vulnerable to pilferage. 

After stealing your data or blocking its access, cybercriminals will ask you to exchange it for ransom; such attacks are termed ransomware attacks. 

Hackers can even purchase your name if they access your credentials or sell them on the black market. 

But, if your software is updated, no hacker can intercept your information, steal your data or sell it on the black market. 

4. Updates keep you updated with the latest technological advancements.

Technology is upgrading itself every day. 

But, if you refuse to install your updates, you will miss out on all the new features and security patches. 

Without the latest features, you won’t do as well as your counterparts, and your computer won’t access the latest programs. 

If you have a website, deciding against installing updates will devoid you of the latest plugins that can be of great value to you and your customers. 

Thus, by installing updates, you enjoy the latest technological features that keep in sync with the tech world. 

5. Contentment within the organization

When employees of a company are assured that they are working in a safe cyber zone, that brings a sense of contentment. 

They can now work more freely and access files without hesitation. 

By keeping the system software(s) updated, you establish robust organizational hygiene among employees. 

Employees won’t have to think twice before visiting a site and do the necessary work for your business. 

This, in turn, will help your business grow immensely.

6. Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of the biggest concerns for a business, but when tech-savvy customers visit your site and see that you have kept everything up to date, they tend to trust you. 

They add reviews to your site and rate you with five stars, so CMS software upgrade is important for customer satisfaction and safety. 

Speaking of customer satisfaction, an SSL certificate is another thing that plays a vital role in customer satisfaction as it enhances the trust factor. 

SSL or Secure Socket Layer certificate is a security protocol that protects customer data by encrypting the communication between two entities. 

SSL comes in two variants, namely, Regular Single-Domain and Wildcard SSL certificates. 

Regular certificates are the ones that can protect a single domain at a given time. It cannot protect multiple subdomains along with it. 

But a wildcard SSL can protect both primary domain and subdomains to level 1. 

Wildcard SSL is considered to be a better option for businesses that are looking to expand. 

If you are looking to buy an SSL certificate, the Comodo SSL wildcard certificate is your best bet. 

It comes with 99.9% mobile and desktop device compatibility, a free comodo website seal and swift OV, DV validation. 

So, buy it today from Comodo and keep your customers happy with your service.

7. Updates get you better search rankings.

Google hates outdated stuff, be it content or software. 

The search engine giant wants its users to see the latest content on a website with updated software. 

Google’s crawlers are smart at figuring out whether a website is safe enough or not. 

The search engine knows how an outdated website can be an easy target for hackers, and it’s Google’s user who will eventually pay for this. 

So, update your software to attain higher search rankings on Google.

To Conclude

So, after having looked upon these seven reasons to improve cybersecurity, you must have understood that you can’t go easy on your systems and website’s security. 

But that does not mean that one has to have a huge budget for cybersecurity. All one needs to do is keep doing certain processes right. 

By keeping your software updated, you can have a better chance of repelling a cyberattack. 

SSL certificates, firewalls, software updates, regular cleanup of unused files can all constitute a safe system and website. 

So, follow these points and safeguard your cyber presence. 

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