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iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac: Is It the Best?

Introduction of iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac

iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac: Only a few experiences can equal the pain when you lose all your valuable data. And this especially stands true when you have owned your system for as long as you remember and stored all your valuable memories in it.

Ohh Boy! When I experienced my first data loss, I could not sleep for several nights, as if that incident left a dent in my heart. The feeling can not be explained until you have experienced the same thing.

The whole experience can be very frustrating, and the situation goes from bad to worse when you are totally dependent on the data for your work. Losing data in this digitized era is equivalent to losing money. Luckily, I do find a way of data recovery and I’d like to share it with you.

How Hard Drive Loses Its Data?

Before we start with the data recovery procedures, it is important to understand how data loss happens or the reasons for data loss.

Removing Hard Drive Without Letting the System Know

Corruption is the most common reason for hard drive data loss. If we explain in a more simple word, it will sound like this- the data writing process being interrupted. When this happens, the writing process stalled, leading to data corruption.

Once the file experiences data corruption, you will find that those files are unable to open, or even find. This usually happens when inexperienced users handle hard drives.

I have seen people connecting and disconnecting hard drives without letting the system know. This results in removing the hard drives when the system is actually working on them.

Hard Drive Formatting

Under normal circumstances, it is an easy process; however, if you have more than one drive, it is possible that you mistakenly formatted the wrong drive.

However, the good thing about hard drive formatting is that it doesn’t actually delete your file. It just marks your hard drive blank for rewriting data. With the right utility or data recovery software applications, you can easily recover the data.

How Can iBoysoft Data Recovery Software Help?

While you are there in the market, the sheer number of data recovery software might confuse you. With that keeping in mind, we have come up with recovery software that I personally use, iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac.

To begin with, iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery software can easily recover lostdata due to corruption. In addition to that, you can also recover the data that you accidentally deleted. You will definitely like this feature when you delete a file only to regret it later for deleting the wrong one.

Plus, everyone appreciates that the recovery prowess of iBoysoft software not limited to only hard drives. It can also restore data in SSDs, SD cards, USB Flash drives, and other storage devices.

Is iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery Software the Best?

Well, the answer is up to you. No matter what I say, I believe the answer is better left on the users who have actually used this data recovery software.

iBoysoft data recovery software is free to download and used on Mac. With the free version software, youcan scan and find your deleted and lost files, but you need to purchase the software activation code if you have more specific needs.


I have been asked by my readers how well iBoysoft data recovery application works? Or, Is it really worth hard-earned money? Well, based on my experience, the answer is yes! After all, it successfully saved me from data loss.