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AI Chatbots: Guide to Opportunities and Challenges You Need to Know

To maintain your customers’ interest, you need to personalize their experiences and offer recommendations at the right moments. You also have to be available throughout their journey and ensure they can easily reach you across various touchpoints. And this is why most marketers have turned to artificial intelligence (AI chatbots).

With them, you can maintain customer relationships while also improving your business processes. AI chatbots also work 24/7 and can quickly complete tasks that would take your employees weeks to tackle.

Unfortunately, despite their many benefits, AI chatbot have problems that can hurt your company if not dealt with.

In this post, we examine ways AI chatbots can help your business grow and the challenges you may encounter on the way.

We start with benefits:

AI Chatbots Benefits

If implemented correctly, AI chatbots can herald numerous benefits, especially those that improve your customer service department. These benefits include:

Improved Customer Experience

Customers hate waiting in line for the next available agent to take their call, email them back, or reply to their message.

But they won’t have to if you have an AI chatbot. 

With it, you can offer 24/7 customer support and give customers ready answers to complaints and questions.

Best of all?

Building these intelligent chatbots improves your customer experience and increases your chances of turning leads into customers. The AI chatbot offers answers when the lead is hot and reduces their likelihood of visiting a competitor for more information.

Data & Insight Collection

AI chatbots make it easy for your business to offer personalized experiences.


They can collect customer data, including information on their likes, dislikes, preferences, which products to recommend, etc. They can also store customer data, making it easy to continue conversations with customers who’ve contacted the business before.

Best of all?

They get smarter with each interaction with your customers and can help you move customers along the purchase journey.

AI Chatbot Challenges

One thing you need to note about AI chatbot challenges is that you can implement strategies to protect your business from suffering them.

But what challenges are there?

Security Issues

As we mentioned before, AI chatbots can help with data collection. Unfortunately, this can also turn into a huge problem if you don’t handle the data carefully.

Information such as customer names, payment details, account information, etc., needs careful handling to protect it from malicious individuals.

But there’s good news:

You can protect your customer’s data using security precautions like complex passwords, virus protection, firewalls, etc. You can also offer your employees training on protecting customer data and avoiding phishing attacks.

Are you still not convinced on whether to integrate AI chatbots?

Well, to help you discover more challenges and opportunities AI chatbots present, Shane Barker created the in-depth infographic below. In it, he offers a detailed comparison that can help you decide whether AI chatbots are worth adopting. Check it out!

AI chatbots
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