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10 Ways to Fix Your IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked

Ways to Fix Your IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked

The ‘your IP has been temporarily blocked‘ error isn’t very joint but will prevent you from opening a website when it occurs. The error could appear because you have been vexed by logging in too many times or have dishonored the site’s terms of service by posting unapproved content.

Whatever the reason, our guide will show you 10 tricks to unblock your IP address

1. Find the Reason Why Your IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked

Beforehand you resolve the issue, first identify why your IP address got Temporarily blocked. Keep in mind that dissimilar solutions will be required for different causes of the blockage. For the sample, a block due to country restrictions will need a diverse solution than a block caused by law violations.

It’s also significant to see whether you’ve violated the website’s policy. To check that, head to the website’s footer section, where its plans will likely be.

2. Use a VPN

As already cited, websites can block your IP address due to a country ban. To bypass such a constraint, use a VPN to hide your IP address. You will be talented at connecting to the website, as you appear to be from a different location.

Ways to Fix Your IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked

VPNs are allowed, but a paid service is more likely to guarantee that your IP address is concealed. Once you subscribe to a VPN, you will be able to access the website that had restricted your access. If you need help with selecting a VPN service, check out our slant of the 10 best VPN service providers.

3. Make Sure Your Network and Mail Server Are Properly Configured

The impasse of your IP address can also be caused by letters or statistics that aren’t in the right place. That’s why your network and mail headwaiter must be properly configured. Get in trace with the blacklist to have you detached from it.

4. Connect to a New WiFi Network

Another option you would consider is to connect to a new WiFi network. Connecting to a new WiFi network will crop a different IP address. This could be a fast fix to regain access to the website that has limited your access.

5. Contact the Webmaster

If you looked up the website’s terms of use and you’re sure you haven’t violated its policies, you can connect with the webmaster to explain why they controlled your access.

The webmaster will probably be able to tell you to come again. Your next step should be toward unblocking your IP and retrieval access to the website

6. Check If Your IP Is Blacklisted

Many websites have public IP blacklists to avert hackers from abusing their services and the possession of spammers away. For more on how to know if your IP address is impassable, visit WhatIsMyIPAddress and tick on Check IP Address. Your address will automatically be filled in, and you resolve to see whether your IP address seems on these lists. 

7. Update Your Computer

If your computer hasn’t been rationalized in a while, you’re vulnerable to malware that could cause your IP to be blocked. By updating your computer, you will augment its usability and security. 

To check if any informs are ready to install, navigate to Settings, select Update&Security, besides then Windows Updates. For Mac users, navigate to System Preferences, click on App Store, and then on Show Updates.

After the update ends, wait for a day, and then try to access the website that is impassable to you. 

8. Wait for a day

It is the modest thing you can do to get your IP address to unblock. If the suspension is only brief, you can wait a day before deciding whether to check a civic list to determine if you have been blacklisted.

A website often blocks IP addresses momentarily. For instance, you may get disqualified for 24 hours if you repeatedly try to log in using unfitting credentials before being allowed to try again. Website landlords use public IP blacklists to stop network exploitation. To see if your IP has been debarred, click the Check option after entering your IP address in the exploration box.

9. Change the IP address of your device

Changing your IP address is the informal way to get rid of this issue. It’s simpler than it appears to do this; meanwhile, your IP address changes mechanically when you switch networks or locations.

To change your IP address on a Windows PC/laptop, finish this article thoroughly – How to Modify your IP Address in Windows 10.

You must install a VPN app on your Android stratagem to alter the IP address. You can choose from a variety of location options provided by the VPN, which changes the IP address nearly. A similar method can be functional for changing IP addresses on an iPhone.

10. Change your Network connection

The router allows each maneuver on the network a distinct IP address. When a network device is linked to a diverse network, it also receives a new IP address. For instance, if you go from WiFi to Broadband, your system will be specified a new IP address. Therefore, you need to view the website made a different internet connection to genuinely get about the block.


So, this was all near how to fix the ‘your IP has been temporarily blocked’ error memo. So what are you waiting for? Give these means a go, and tell us which suits you best in the comments below. Subscribe to our newsletter to ensure that you never miss a tech update. For more troubleshooting leaders and tips & tricks related to Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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