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Free VPN Software Are Great Threat to System Privacy

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As we know that lots of people have lots of concerns about internet privacy. Under such a situation, the popularity of VPNs is increasing day by day. If you want to buy premium VPNs, you will have to pay a huge amount. Moreover, these VPNs are also complicated to maintain. As the market for VPNs is increasing. That’s why lots of people are also providing free VPN services to users. Nowadays, almost 1,000 free VPN software is available on the internet. These free VPN software have created some privacy issues for users. These privacy issues are explained below;

They Are Compromising On The Security Of The Users:

One of the most important features of VPN software is to protect you from the attack of hackers. Now, the problem is that there are some VPN services that contain malware. This malware has become a real security issue for users. Its main reason is that most of the free VPN services are relying on advertising for earning revenue.

As a result, they failed to protect the users from malware attacks. Moreover, these VPN services are also limiting the use of data. On the other hand, premium VPN services don’t show ads. As a result, they are using adblockers. These VPN services are also protecting your system against malware attacks. Moreover, these premium VPN services are also providing unlimited bandwidth to users.

They Are Tracking Your Online Activities:

This is the most dangerous privacy issue of free VPN services. Studies by dissertation writing services show that this is also the most common issue in almost all VPN services. Its reason is that the free VPN services have embedded third-party trackers. These trackers are gathering data about your online activities. They are using this data to show ads. If they are using this data for showing ads, this is bearable.

Now, the problem is that after gathering valuable data about your online activities, they are selling this data to the highest bidders. To get an idea about this fact, you should read the privacy policy of the free VPN services. Most of the free VPN services have admitted this fact to their privacy policy.

On the other hand, some VPN services are hiding this fact. Anyhow, premium VPN services don’t use third-party trackers to track your online activities. Its reason is that they don’t need to sell data to the highest bidders to show ads.

They Are Limiting The Amount Of Data:

Most of the free VPN services have also premium plans. To force the users to buy their premium plans, they are also limiting the amount of data. Its most important example is in the form of Tunnelbear. As we know that Tunnelbear is one of the most famous and free VPN services.

When you use this free VPN service, you will face this problem. In its free plan, you can only use 500 MB of data in a month. When you exceed this limit, you will have to buy its premium plan. For this reason, you will have to pay $9.99. After paying $9.99, you can use unlimited bandwidth.

Free VPNs May Hijack Your Browser:

While using the internet, we have to use different browsers. The most famous browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. While using these browsers, you can’t bear the hijacking of these browsers. Its reason is that if your browsers are hijacked, you will have to face lots of security issues. Now, the problem with using free VPN services is that they can also hijack your browsers.

After hijacking these browsers, they redirect you to other websites without your permission. As a result, you will have to face lots of browsing issues. This thing can also create lots of security problems for you. For example, if you are redirected to an unsecured website, you may lose your private information.

Free VPNs Slow Down Your Internet Connection:

When you log into a free VPN service, this free VPN service may slow down your internet connection. Its reason is that these VPN services are also providing premium plans. By slowing down the internet connection, they will force you to buy their premium plans. Along with slowing down your internet connection, these VPNs can also allow governments to gather data about your online activities.

After gathering data, the government shares this data with the parent companies. As a result, they can use this data for various purposes. That’s why if you want to ensure your privacy while using the internet, you should use paid VPN services.