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Wonderful features of TikTok application to become Famous Star

The only mobile application that could beat the fame and charm of Instagram is TikTok. A huge number of youngsters and social media personalities have moved to this musical application. If you have never before used TikTok, then you should definitely explore this to know what is this application. No doubt, the tough competition has made Instagram launch several new updated features. So, you can fairly say that both the applications are almost going parallel in the market. There is a huge demand for both social media platforms. The reason behind this equal demand for both is Instagram is there in the market before TikTok thus, it has made its millions of users habitat. Whereas TikTok has just born a few years back thus, many people are not aware of all the wonderful features that TikTok provides. However, those who have learned all features of TikTok are now doing their best to earn the most from it.

It is quite common to hear these days that see ‘they are the most famous tiktokers in the world 2020’, they are actually those people who have used their creativity to make attractive and enjoyable musical videos. If you are using TikTok today or not, yet there are some features that you have never come across. Here are all the wonderful features of the TikTok application to make you one top TikTokers.

Directly Upload Simple video with music:

 There are many TikTokers who simply just upload their lip-syncing videos on either song or some dialogues. This is a unique feature of TikTok that you can simply upload your pre-recorded videos on TikTok. Whereas, you can also edit those pre-recorded videos in this unique application. Thus, it saves your time and energy to record a new video then pass it through several editorial apps to make it perfect to go on your TikTok profile. Besides, these if you are one of the famous TikTokers in the world, increase engagement of followers by uploading those video where the live recording wasn’t available. With the help of these features, you can even record those videos in certain situations where the internet is not accessible.

Create Duet videos:

If you and your friends are not physically available to create a video together, then this feature is definitely going to help you. You can make your own video and ask your friend to send his/her music video and create a duet of both videos. However, with the help of this simple and enjoyable feature, you can add some variety to your TikTok feed and acquire more followers.

Besides this, you can also create a video with your favorite TikTok star with the help of this feature. All you have to do is download the video with which you want to create a duet. Then make your musical video and simply edit it with the TikTok application. You can also add several filters and effects provided by TikTok.

Slideshow Maker of Photo:

If you don’t have enough confidence to create any dance or lip-syncing video and still wish to get popular on the TikTok platform. Then TikTok has something for you also, yes definitely for you if you don’t know how to create musically. To entertain all types of TikTok users, there is an option to create a slideshow. All you have to at first is select the music you want to create the video on and then chose your favorite photo from your gallery. Once after getting music set on the photos slideshow, then you can add filters and effects you just on in a simple musical lip-syncing video. TikTok is considered the most reliable application to create slideshow videos as any normal person can make their musical video of their photo without downloading several applications for songs, photos, and editing. Thus, got another wonderful idea to merge the memories of those days when TikTok was launched.

Time adjustment for Video Recording:

When you hear about lip-syncing video, the fact that pops into your mind are no never you cannot do it as it’s too hard. Many people just think that creating a lip-syncing video is the task of a professional. But this wonderful easy application has made it very simple for everyone to showcase their talent to the world. There is an option to set a screen timer to start recording. This option helps you to set your mobile in the holder of the Tripod stand and get to the position in a duration set of either 3 sec or 5 sec to start recording. This something very common in the camera of most of the new smartphone mobiles. Look at what unique and amazing in TikTok, that you can slow the music to record it easily if you are not able to pick the dialogues or lyrics from the sound selected.

Thus, all these were wonderful features of TikTok, which has made it even easier and simple than Instagram to become one of the famous TikToker in the world. So, if you have not started yet to showcase the world your hidden talent and creativity, then download the TikTok application today and create your musical videos.