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Quick Solution to Error while Installing Windows

Quick Solution to Error while Installing Windows

Installing windows is a tedious experience, especially when your system gives errors adding to the time and stress in the process. It is common to have an error while installing windows because it is a vulnerable process that involves hardware errors, glitches, and mistakes.

We are here for your help, and this is the right place for the solution to your problem. Usually, when you install windows or are trying to upgrade, an error message makes the system downright infuriating. 

We have listed down some common mistakes and glitches that will ease your struggle to help you efficiently install windows on your operating system.

1.   Disconnect External Devices

When the windows do not install correctly, it may be due to the attached external devices that cause an error. Remove external devices like USB drives, headphones, smartphones, game controls and similar devices.

Reconnect your operating system after removing these devices and everything will work effortlessly.

2.   Optimize Windows Installation and Specs

Does your system has an existing installed window? Well, that can cause an error on new windows installation, and your system may hang. 

Make sure that you remove the old windows and keep a backup of your data and files. Disable the antivirus software like firewalls. Update your current windows and make sure you have enough space to install new windows.

You should have free disk space of 16GB RAM on a 32-bit Windows 10, and if your system is 64-bit than 32GB free space is required for windows installation. The processing speed should be of at least 1GHz. 

Restart your system to remove all the temporary bugs and glitches.

3.   Check for Faulty Hardware

Often before or during the installation of windows, the hardware becomes corrupted due to malfunctioned devices or files. In that case, you might need new hardware or installer to resolve the problem.

If you have a corrupted windows file on the existing system, it may also hinder the process of windows installation. Scan and repair the corrupted files and connect the operating system again.

Troubleshoot Windows Installation Error Codes

If you have all the issues mentioned above resolved and checked, still the windows can give some errors in installation. We have listed several error codes with the cause and solution to them. You can also check out solution to error codes here at Errorcodeshero.

1.   Error code 0xC1900101

The error code starting with this is due to unnecessary devices and drivers. Unplug all the other devices, as we mentioned above and make sure that your chipset and graphic card are updated.

Right-click your Start button and open the Device Manager from the menu. If any of the devices display a yellow exclamation or error mark, update these drivers and if they are no longer in use, then remove them. 

Restart your system and try to install windows again.

2.   Error code 0x80200056

If there is a power outage, your system may display the error code on installing windows. In the process of update and install, power issue can leave an incomplete process, causing an error.

Make sure that you do not turn off your system and plug it to avoid the error during windows installation due to electricity outage.

3.   Error code 0xC1900208 – 0x4000C

These errors are due to an incompatible application on your system, that prevents and blocks the process of windows installation. 

You should check your system for corrupted and old apps that may cause an error, uninstall and remove them and try windows installation process again.

4.   Error code 0x800F0922

Your computer must have a problem in the connection to the Windows Update servers. You should disconnect the VPNs and join a reliable network provider to resolve the problem.

Generic Error Codes

Often your system does not provide specific information regarding the error codes, for instance, your system display shows, Undoing changes, We couldn’t complete the updates, Failure configuring Windows Updates, or Don’t turn off your computer.

To resolve these problems, search for issues in the Start Menu, check your view update history and update history and search for failures in the upgrade. 

We understand that installing windows is a hectic and time-consuming process, and the resolution of errors is a tiring process. We assure that every problem of yours has a solution, and hope that the article helps you to install windows expertly. In case of any problems we are here to help you, by all means ask us in the comment section.