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Why Netflix And VPN Is The Greatest Combo To Unblock Endless Entertainment?

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Netflix And VPN

In this pandemic, home is where the heart (alongside other organs and body parts) was. So, we craved entertainment within the safe confounds of home. That’s when the online world was truly tapped into. Streaming services like Spotify and Netflix got a surge of subscribers and the online community was just getting started. PureVPN brings an amazing deal this Black Friday. Get a five years plan for just $1.33 per month. Access your favorite shows on Netflix US and protect your privacy online which comes cheaper than a cup of coffee. Get PureVPN 5 Year deal to enjoy the netflix in every location.

In the dawn of Netflix binging, people noticed how Netflix was not the same for everyone. You could call up your friend in another country and he’ll spell out a somewhat different watchlist on Netflix than yours. That is because not everyone views the same.

But that is when the world of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) became popular. With these two partnered up. Users are always one step ahead in viewing what’s coming on Netflix. With a VPN, the person could virtually jump places to view their local recommendations and listings and enjoy them without the trouble of security. 

While it may not be an ethical duo, it is slowly becoming the best thing in partnership. To understand how these two unblock endless amounts of entertainment, we share with you the features of Netflix and the VPN combo. We will also walk you through how it’s done so that this combo serves you well on your weekend-long binging experience. Let’s get started:

What are Virtual Private Networks?

You’ve probably seen your office prescribe you an office laptop. But to keep you from downloading the newest game or wandering off during work hours, there’s a VPN installed. As the name suggests, it is a private network for specific tasks that require higher levels of security. To avoid cyber-attacks, malware, and loss of data, VPNs are used to keep your data safe and secure. 

It does so by using security protocols that hide your I.P address, cease saving user logs, and give you access to the world by changing regions. When you pair this ‘changing regions’ power with Netflix, which already has regional limitations, you get a world of newest released content and a greater variety in your watchlist. Some shows that are restricted regionally include Pulp Fiction (Canada), The Hobbit (Dutch), The Office (USA), and many more. 

Bes vpn for netflix

Now that you’re convinced of the unlimited possibilities, let us talk about how to avail this powerful combo. 

How to use VPN and Netflix to unblock?

We’ve established that VPNs are a straight way to unblocking some great Netflix features. Here is how it is done:

  1. Pick a VPN provider: If you Google search a VPN provider, you can go to page 20 and still see a new name in the VPN market. In this article, we will later list some options to pick from. One important thing to note is that, if you don’t want a compromise of security, go for a paid VPN. Free VPNs have some grey areas in terms of quality, control, and use. 
  2. Download and Install the VPN provider: After choosing, comes the downloading and installing. Read the instructions clearly and backup your credentials (create a recovery point if possible). This way you do not run the risk of losing data to a cheap VPN provider.
  3. Connect to the VPN server: After installation and using your credentials to sign up, you have the option to choose your location. (The location from where you want to stream Netflix). If you want to watch US Netflix, change your location to the USA. The same applies to Canada, the UK, Japan, etc.
  4. Start Streaming Netflix: Once you’ve changed your location, head on over to the Netflix app or website and enjoy streaming your favorite shows. 

What are the best choices for VPNs?

Some of the best choices of VPNs, that have proven to bypass geo-restrictions and stream Netflix, include:

There are many to pick from, but these three prove to be MVPs of Netflix streaming.  

Why does Netflix geo-block?

Some of us might argue here that Netflix should have its releases open to all (like their original productions are mostly open for all). Everybody loves movies and those who have a problem can simply ignore them. But the reason why Netflix geo-blocks content is because media providers set the region for viewing. 

Netflix geo-block

They have a target demographic set as a primary audience from whom they can achieve great viewings and listings. No media provider would want an outreach that would impact users negatively and end up getting the wrong ratings. Netflix is bound by law to restrict regions based on the media provider’s requirements. 

Why is the duo an ‘Unethical Combo’?

It is an ongoing debate about the use of VPNs paired with Netflix as unethical. Regional restrictions are indeed set by production houses so that they can have control of viewership and better ratings. By using VPN, we are unethically accessing their content which was never designated for the outside crowd in the first place. 

One side of the world argues that because we pay for Netflix and the VPN combo, it justifies bypassing the geo-restrictions. Even so, Netflix is doing everything within its power to stop this from happening. 

Lately, there have been attempts to block these VPN accessing users. Netflix is implementing smarter protocols and DNS proxy protections to detect VPN-aided I.P addresses and stop them. It is still in the works so you can still stream as much as you want.


The Netflix-VPN duo has led users to some of the best-hidden features on Netflix. It has even given the users the best use out of the secret codes on Netflix that generate a genre-based search result. If you have a Netflix account, you are just a VPN away from exploring a new world of streaming.