Why seek a Professional Fertility Screening Package in Singapore?

Premarital screening is a test that provides important health tests for future couples or newlyweds, in which they can be tested for genetic, infectious, and contagious diseases to prevent any form of potential risk or identify the risk of transmitting any sort of disease to each other and their future children.

Why seek Premarital Screening Singapore before taking your vows?

Marriage is considered to be the most important event in the life of a couple, as they plan to start a family, and when using the new stage to build emotional, social, family, and healthy relationships.

Going for Premarital Screening Singapore helps to educate such couples, provide accurate and impartial information, Family background assessment, evaluating the impact of age, diet, exercise, weight management, and addictions and their impact on the couple’s future goals as parents.

Reasons to seek Fertility Screening Package Singapore

There are numerous reasons to opt for the Fertility Screening Package Singapore and these include the following – 

  • Measure the health and fertility status of the prospective bride and groom
  • Get a report on the list of Infectious Diseases – Infections like Hepatitis B, HIV, and other sexually transmitted diseases
  • Identify the genetic disorders, and assess the risk of having children with a serious illness. The couple may then decide whether to have a child or not. 
  • Going for Premarital Screening Singapore helps to identify instances of potential children with Thalassemia, Haemophilia, and Sickle Cell Disease

Vital aspects of the Fertility Screening Package Singapore

When a couple opts for the Fertility Screening Package Singapore, they are focusing on the future course of action toward having their own family. These may include the following points – 

General Investigations – 

  • Complete Blood count (CBC), 
  • Complete Urine Analysis 
  • Blood Smears to detect normal and abnormal cells. 
  • Blood (ABO-RH) tests are important to test and advise people on the risks of pregnancy.

Infectious Diseases – 

  • VDRL syphilis testing – I and II
  • Hepatitis B screening
  • Hepatitis C screening

Genetic Testing

When a couple opts for the Fertility Screening Package Singapore, they also undergo genetic testing. 

Depending on the couple’s family history and ancestry, various tests are designed for identifying disorders such as thalassemia. Thalassemia is a hereditary disease (transmitted from parents to children genetically) while sickle cell anemia is another genetic disease in which the child’s body does not have normal, healthy red cells (RBCs).

Genetic testing is performed by analyzing small samples of blood or tissue. These tests are mainly aimed at weddings between blood relations, where the chances of having a child who could inherit a chronic disease increases. The closer a relationship is, the greater the risk.

Benefits of opting for the Fertility Screening Package Singapore

Opting for the Fertility Screening Package Singapore can help to diagnose various factors and also determine why a person has reproductive problems. The test is reliable, and valid, and gives you more information related to your future family plans. 

The doctor will be able to take full care of you and talk to you personally about what your next steps should be in case the need for treating infertility treatment options is felt.

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