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Homemade Gluten Free Products for Everyone

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Homemade Gluten Free Products for Everyone

Bye Bye Gluten is amongst the best brands offering gluten-free products for everyone. It is a home-based bakery located in Durham, NC. They focus on providing quality products at an economical price. Bye Bye Gluten is known for making gluten-free products using quality ingredients.

Their products include cakes, bread, brownies cookies, blondies, and pies. The brand pays significant importance in valuing their customers. So, all you have to do is, make a phone call, place your order, and we will deliver your desired product at your door step.

Why Gluten-free Products?

Disposing of gluten from your eating habits may do wonders for your digestive system. Gluten can cause aggravation along the intestines, which can prompt distress regarding processing food and passing waste in the long run. A gluten-free eating routine may assist with getting rid of overabundance squeezing, swelling, and gas.

Removing gluten assists with expanding your general energy levels. In specific individuals, eating an excessive amount of gluten may forestall the ingestion of particular nutrients and minerals.

Picking a gluten-free eating routine may likewise give a few advantages to your emotional well-being. As a rule, removing gluten could diminish migraines’ recurrence, improve your temperament, and even conceivably help battle conditions like ADHD and depression.

Bye Bye Gluten Products

We are offering a pick n mix service. Therefore, you can choose a mix of different products and just click on our website’s order button. Our products include a variety of gluten-free goods. These include the Fizzy Mega Bag, Mini Mega, Fudge, and some international products.

Here are the details of some of the gluten-free products we are offering to our customers:

Fizzy Mega Bag 800g/2kg

The Fizzy Mega Bag contains the following fizzy sweets:

Apple Slices, Glow Worms, Blue Raspberry Bottles, Dummies, Fizzy Peaches, Fruit Pastels, Giant Cherry Cola Bottles, Giant Cola Bottles,  Peach Rings, Sour Snakes, Strawberry Puffs, Strawberry Tarts, Sugar Strawberries, Giant Bubblegum Cola Bottles, Triple Hearts, Twin Cherries & Watermelon Slices.

You can choose a mix of any of these fizzy sweets and add them to your shopping cart. Therefore, we offer a customized order service as per your taste.

Ingredients used in the making of gluten-free Fizzy Mega Bag are as follows:

Glucose syrup, sugar,  gelatine (beef and pork), dextrose, gelling agent;  modified starch, SULPHITES, water, corn starch, pectin, potato starch, beef starch, anticaking agent magnesium silicate, glycerol, humectant; maize starch, sorbitols, acidity regulators: citric acid, malic acid, lactic acid, tri-sodium citrate, malt dextrin, anthocyanin, and copper chlorophyllin, etc.

Mini-Mega 200g

People who are new to our products can buy the Mini Mega 200mg pack. It containsdifferent types of products.

These products include ice creams, fried eggs, strawberry tarts, watermelon chunks, sour apple slices, blackberries, raspberries, giant mushrooms, yellow belly snakes, dolphins, dummies, fruit pastilles, triple hearts, peaches, and many more.

International Products

Bye Bye Gluten offers three different products to our international clients. Our international products are as follows:

  • International Fizz Free Mega Bag 1.8kg
  • An International Fizzy Mega Bag 1.8kg
  • International Mega Bag 1.8kg

Each of them costs nearly £16.99. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we can only send up to 2kg to the major countries outside the UK. Moreover, these products are exclusively for international customers.


Therefore, Bye Bye Gluten is offering various products that are gluten-free and beneficial for your health. Although stopping to take gluten products might not fix all your problems, it will help you live a healthier life.

You can contact us for order and product-related queries. Also, you should signup for our newsletter for exclusive discounts and free bags.