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Home » Morning Motivators: 5 Ways to Power-up Your Morning Routine and Improve Your Day

Morning Motivators: 5 Ways to Power-up Your Morning Routine and Improve Your Day

Ways to Power-up Your Morning Routine and Improve Your Day
Ways to Power-up Your Morning Routine and Improve Your Day

The morning sets the tone for the whole day, which means getting it right can be super impactful. By including some easy but effective habits in your morning routine. You will see a boost in mood, energy, and productivity. Here are five easy-to-follow tips to help you power up your morning routine and improve your day: 

Fuel Your Day With Vibrant, Healthy Food

Energize your morning with a nutritious, yummy breakfast. Ensuring your morning plate is balanced means you get protein, fiber, and healthy fats that stabilize your blood sugar levels and help you avoid that mid-morning slump. Why not whip up a quick veggie omelet using non stick cookware for quick cooking and easy cleaning? Add a fruit smoothie on the side and some wholegrain toast, and you’re on track for a productive day ahead. 

Hydrate To Start The Day Off Great

Water is the key to making every part of your body work well. Your body is 60% water on average, but the brain and heart are nearly 75% water, and the lungs, a massive 83% water. With that in mind, it makes sense that a hydrating morning gets those cogs turning, and sets you up for a much better day. 

Start with some hot water and lemon, or even just a glass before you brew that coffee. Then, keep sipping water throughout the day. This steady hydration can help you stave off bad moods, headaches, constipation, and issues with focus. 

Move To Improve Your Energy Levels

Whether you speed walk around the block, or do a vigorous yoga session at dawn, exercising can only boost your morning routine. Any movement will get the blood flowing through your brain and body. Giving you the feel-good endorphins you need to set your day off with a smile.

Even better, combine exercise with the great outdoors by going for a sea swim or running through the park. This gives you the added stress-busting benefits of being in nature, delivering double the dose of happy hormones before you’ve even started work. 

Eat The Frog

Eating the frog is a technique that starts with identifying the hardest task you will have to do that day (the frog). Once you know your frog, the next step is to eat it (aka just do it)! 

“Eating the frog” first thing helps you avoid procrastination. By getting your most taxing task out of the way, you’ll actually boost your motivation to fly through the rest of the day’s activities. Nothing else will be as tough as that hurdle. You’ll have a sense of achievement and relief, and you’ll have used your highest energy levels on the hardest task. It’s a challenging but effective morning boost that works for both business and personal challenges. 

Have A Quick Tidy

They say a ‘tidy house is a tidy mind’, and it’s true. Decluttering and being organized have hugely positive impacts on the mind and body. In one study, women who described their house positively were found to have a lower level of cortisol (the stress hormone) than those who said their houses were untidy, cluttered, or in the process of being renovated. 

In the morning, get the dishes done, tidy away unused items, have a quick spray and wipe of surfaces, and vacuum your living space. You’ll instantly feel better. As a bonus, you’ll have a lovely, fresh space to come home to after work. 

“The sun is new each day.” – Heraclitus

With small, intentional changes, you can create a morning that enhances your day, enjoying better moods, boosting productivity, and more motivation in all areas of life.