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Low Carb Diet — Still Not Losing Weight, Why

Low Carb Diet

Low carb diet, keto diet, or paleo diets, are all almost some. You can read more about paleo vs keto. A low carb diet is one of the most famous and effective diets for weight loss.

There are many people who lose weight in a short period of time while following this diet. As its name is, a low carb diet lowers the amount of carbs in your diet to a very low level. It puts your body in a ketosis state when the body burns fat for calories instead of carbs. This results in faster weight loss.

But still, there is a number of people who are unable to lose weight even after following low-carb diet. This is not the fault of the diet. Maybe you are not eating foods that is required or you are cheating in your diet or exercise.

In this article, we will discuss some mistakes while following low carb diet. These mistakes are not letting you shed extra pounds.

Fat Loss and Muscle Gain:

Following the keto diet and doing exercise on the same plan can result in fat loss and gain in muscles. If you loose fat and gain muscle at the same time, you will not realize that you are losing fat because your weight remains the same.

But gaining muscle is a good thing. If you are not losing weight but losing fat and gaining muscle, there is nothing to worry about.

Don’ get deceived with the weight loss in the first week. Because weight loss in the first week is normally due to water. In the first week, you will see faster results. But rate of weight loss will slow down gradually when your body starts burning fats.

Carbs are Still Enough:

Sometimes people start following a low carb diet but still they consume foods that are rich in carbs. It may be due to unawareness about carbs enriched foods. While following a low carbs diet, you should reduce your carbs to a minimum but consume other healthy nutrients such.

Eat foods that are low in carbs, and rich in protein and healthy fats. You can consult any dietician to plan your low carb foods. Just don’ start following blindly. It can cause nutrients deficiency.

Effects of Stress:

Eating healthy is not enough. Lifestyle and exercise also affect your health. You should take care of the health of the body. Mental health plays an important role in your daily life. Keep your brain healthy and you will see the effective results of the keto diet.

If you are stressed, your brain will not work properly and this will affect your overall body. Stress can increase hunger, if you are stressed, you will feel more hungry and eat more food.

You can manage stress by adopting healthy routine. If you are stressed try taking a deep breath or read some journal to manage stress.

Nutrients Deficiency:

Eating a low carb diet doesn’t mean its enough. Losing weight is more than that. You should lower carbohydrates, in your diet but fill your plate instead of carbohydrates with whole, nutritious foods. Whole foods are rich in nutrients and good for health.

Avoid eating processed foods as they are not good for health. Include fish, vegetables, and other healthy foods in your diet.

You can eat fast food or other unhealthy foods occasionally. But consuming them regularly can harm your health.

Don’t even use unhealthy ingredients in your daily meals. These ingredients can resist the weight loss process and can prevent weight loss. Only eating specific nutrients such as protein and ignoring others can harm your health.

You are Not Getting Enough Sleep:

Sleeping is crucial as it relaxes the entire body including the brain. Lack of sleep can cause stress, weight gain, and other health problems.

Lack of sleep can increase hunger. In return, you will eat more foods that will increase weight and obesity.

Improve your sleep for perfect results from a low carb diet.


A low-carb diet is one of the most trendy and effective diets for weight loss. If you are not getting desired results there are some things you are missing. Adequate sleep, stress prevention, and nutritious foods such as Keto broth are some of them.