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Iobit Malware Fighter the Best Antimalware Review

iobit malware fighter

The antivirus uses Iobit Malware Fighter two AV engines, yours and BitDefender, this makes it more effective against malware, which cannot be detected by other similar tools.

Being able to run it alongside your standard AV software. It can detect a wide variety of spyware, ransomware, adware, Trojans, worms, keyloggers, and bots.

Although we have a good antivirus installed on our computer , there are other threats that are not viruses themselves, and that can be filtered by the antivirus and endanger our PC.

We are talking about malware, and more types of dangerous threats such as Trojans that can jeopardise the security and privacy of our entire computer. To deal with these threats it is necessary to have the best anti-malware IObit Malware Fighter.

Iobit Malware Fighter Antimalware

IObit Malware Fighter an antimalware security software developed by the well-known company IObit, developer of Driver Booster, Advanced Systemcare and Smart Defrag and other programs.

Designed to help us protect our devices, stop threats, and protect our privacy on social media.

Unlike other antivirus software that only target serious security threats like Trojans, antimalware software specializes in all kinds of harmful software.

Like encryption software, adware, and spyware. That may affect our privacy and provide personal information. And this leads to bad experiences when you are connected to the Internet.

Iobit Malware Fighter Antivirus

It can detect virtually any type of threat that may be hidden on the PC. This process done through the IObit database to identify even lesser-known malware and block it from the computer.

In addition, this anti-malware has a real-time monitoring system with which we can constantly protect our PC. Thanks to this function, it can detect and eliminate even the most hidden malware on our PC.

It also contains software that we can use to protect our PC from cryptocurrency mining and block annoying pop-ups to make browsing safer and cleaner.

Finally, with this program we can also protect our home page and protect DNS to prevent our security from being compromised.

Functions and Features of IObit Malware Fighter

IObit Malware Fighter, this great antivirus and antimalware, uses two AV engines, yours and BitDefender. This makes it more effective against malware, which cannot be detected by other similar tools.

IObit Malware Fighter Real-Time Threat Blocking

The powerful anti-malware antivirus protects your computer from all kinds of PC threats. Such as viruses, ransomware, Trojans, spyware, adware, worms, etc. It even protects you from the latest malware like Ransom.Stop, Trojan.nanocore and any kind of malware.

The new advanced feature added to intelligently detect virus variants and other threats. In addition, the new antimalware engine improved, which detects 100% more threats and helps you to perform a quick and complete scan of your system.

IObit Malware Fighter Privacy Protection

Your private files can be safely stored in the IObit cloud. Simply by setting a password you can save your most confidential data in the cloud. So that no one but you can access these files or folders.

Additionally, the anti-ransomware engine prevents hackers from encrypting your files, providing additional protection for your privacy.

Effective browser protection with IObit Malware Fighter

Browser security ensures that you can safely browse both at work and at home. The 360º browser protection feature can help you stay away from phishing websites.

You can also prevent the home page of your search engine from modified, eliminate annoying ads and automatically eliminate tracking cookies.

Additionally, new email protection features protect your email against spam, phishing scams, and other threats. You may encounter when opening emails in your browser.

Cross-platform security protection from IObit Malware Fighter

Advanced security protection gives you multiple defenses. As Boot Protection speeds up the PC startup , Process Protection can prevent any malicious processes from running in RAM.

It also offers camera protection can prevent unauthorised access to the webcam. Comprehensive security protection will gradually protect your computer.