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Home » Reviews: is Howgoodismypassword com legit? Reviews: is Howgoodismypassword com legit? Reviews The Internet: In the current era of technological advancement and innovation there are a lot of things to be mindful and aware of. The password is just one of them. It’s crucial to select the password that is sufficiently tough and hard to break.

If it’s a social media platform or even your personal bank account, you should look over the password security carefully. Accounts like these contain much of your personal information and it is your sole responsibility to protect the information.

If you think your password isn’t very secure and you are unsure of its strength of it, be patient. There is a website to help illustrate how strong passwords are. People who are from the U . S . Make use of this.

It’s more essential to pay attention to this in regard to the security of business-to-business.

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Let’s get more information and understand this.

A few words about What’s good about my password. com

In simple terms, It’s a site that is the most reliable source to test the security that a password is. It is essential to put the password inside the blank space accessible online. It shows how secure passwords are.

The website is easy to use, and the domain is only a month older. Thus, the site is completely new on the market as it was launched on the 5th of October in 2020.

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Are you interested in exploring the website more deeply? Do you want to take a dive into the website?

What do you get from the website?

Main Function of The goal of the website is to assist users to create a secure password. When you browse the site, you’ll find that the site is solely dedicated to the tools that are used to create passwords will not save your passwords and isn’t shared on any other website. Avoid typing the password into any random website.

When you visit the webpage, there are two categories available to select among: “generate password and Password’s strength checker.” After selecting the appropriate category, you will be able to put the password in the empty box below to determine its strength of it or create a completely new password. The password generated is composed of alphabets or numbers as well as special characters, which makes it difficult to crack.

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How can you confirm your password?

The password you enter in the box provided will allow you to decide if you should continue to use your password, or change it. Furthermore, as a result, you’ll discover what you need to do to keep the password healthy. Utilizing capitalized letters and other special characters can help make a complex password.

Is a legit site?

After thoroughly exploring the site and examining the passwords on our own We can conclude that it’s a legitimate site. Furthermore, it is specified on The website states that they don’t save passwords submitted by users. However, we are aware that the moment something is uploaded to the servers, it is being stored and processed by a third party.

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Information on the site

A brief description of the website is provided below.

  • Website name:
  • Created on the date: 2020-10-05
  • Expired on 2023-10-05
  • Registration:, LLC
  • The country that is located could represent the U.S.

Is it risk-free?

When we looked up the website, Howgoodismypassword.Com, we discovered that the site is around a month and 3 days and isn’t too long.

The site may also not be popular, and its global traffic ranking isn’t sufficient. Apart from that, web platforms have been awarded 2.5 points for the password strength testing website.

Based on each of these elements it isn’t possible to say it’s 100% safe due to lesser recognition and less confidence. In the final analysis, we don’t have any proof to prove the credibility of this stage.


At the end of the Website, we realized that the site isn’t popular and that the age this domain doesn’t seem overly old. In terms of the ratings for the site has only earned two.5 stars out of five, and using the site’s features isn’t enough.

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Based on the information provided and a thorough analysis of the site as described previously, we aren’t able to imagine this site like an extremely secure website. It is important to think about this website when they need to verify the strength of their passwords. The site could also be a place to be focused on purchases.

If you come across any suggestions or queries concerning, you can leave them in the comment area.