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Ashley Furniture Reviews: Dec 2021, Pros & Cons

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Ashley Furniture Reviews

Ashley Furniture has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past couple of years. They were for a long time thought of as an “bargain basement” coaster that sold furniture that was of poor quality at a bargain price. They’re now beginning be seen as a mid-level furniture store, and with a higher quality than they did before.

Their current marketing does not focus on the cost they can market their products rather. It focus upon the reality that they sell high-quality, affordable furniture in usa. And, for some strange reason, people are beginning to believe it!

There is no longer a need to sell products covered with laminate that break when taking a look, today you can find solid wooden furniture in the showroom floor. Yes, they still use some laminate but If the furniture is of solid wood the quality is much higher than it was before. Returning to my previous comment about it being a cheap shop, this store has compensated for its low prices by selling items at a lower cost.

However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as these tiny pieces are likely to be the first ones to break on solid wooden furniture. You can repair them without needing to purchase the entire furniture and just the one that has broken! The only downside to Ashley Furniture right now is that they’ve begun selling a few low-quality “wood” items at really cheap costs.

It’s not surprising that furniture has to replace frequently when kids are in the house, and they often scratch it quite a bit. In my personal opinion, I would prefer they only offer wooden products in their stores. If you purchase wood that not made from real Ashley Furniture, odds are you’ll get what you get for your money.

Ashley Furniture Pros & Cons Review:


  1. Low cost price point
  2. Local showrooms
  3. Financing is available
  4. Warranty is available
  5. There are a variety of furniture options that are available.


  1. A 72-hour window for return is limited.
  2. Colour options limited.
  3. No shipping is free.
  4. Limited warranty

Ashley Furniture Policies

  1. Trial and Returns Trial & Returns: 72 hours
  2. Financing: Financing options are available
  3. Warranty Guarantee: Limited lifetime warranty on the frame, a 5-year guarantee for springs and one-year guarantee on upholstery.
  4. The place where it’s produced Manufacturing takes place within China, the USA, China, and Vietnam.

Ashley Furniture has a pretty small return time of just 72 hours to notify Ashley Furniture of any defects and arrange an exchange. Additionally, shipping and handling costs aren’t refundable. Given that many other new furniture and eCommerce brands have liberal guidelines, it is one Ashley Furniture should likely update in order to remain in the game.

In terms of guarantees, Ashley gives customers a limited lifetime guarantee on frames, along with five-year guarantees on springs as well as 1-year warranty for upholstery as well as filling.

What is the cost of sofas and couches at Ashley Furniture?

The cost for Ashley Furniture sofas priced in the range between $500 and around $2000.

There is a broad selection of sofas, Sectionals, Loveseats chairs, armchairs and sets. The brand also has an extensive selection of home furniture, armchairs, and matching sets for home decor.

All in one, the cost of Ashley Furniture sofas priced from $499 up to $1999. At the lower part of the spectrum, you can find a sofa that costs between $499 and $1999. Price variation is the basic two-seater Love seat sofa, while at the upper side are the more spacious Sectionals.

If that’s beyond your reach then you should speak to your salesperson about financing or available discounts.

What is the time that Ashley Furniture closes?

Monday: 10 AM-9 PM

Tuesday: 10 AM-9 PM

Wednesday: 10 AM-9 PM

Thursday: 10 AM-9 PM

Friday: 10 AM-10 PM

Saturday: 9AM-10PM

Sunday: 11AM-6PM.

What is the place where Ashley Furniture manufactured?

Ashley furniture has manufacturing facilities located in Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Mississippi. The company also has a headquarters at Arcadia Wisconsin that manufactures all of the chairs you can see on the showroom floors.

Who is the owner of Ashley Furniture?

It is currently owned by Ashley Inc. The Ashley Furniture is situated within Arcadia, Wisconsin.

Who Designs These Furniture?

The entire manufacturing process for Ashley Furniture products done in the three factories mentioned above. Each factory run using “green” technology including using energy-efficient lighting and recycling plastic, cardboard along with other products that normally discarded into recyclable packaging material, or more! It’s due to the changes they’ve made in recent times that have enabled the company to expand so rapidly in the last few years.

They’ve gone from being a small, privately-owned firm in 1955 to an international corporation that has multiple sites throughout America! This means there’s one that is close enough to your home regardless of where you are! If you need to travel to attend the sale, they will provide free removal services .

Here are a few reasons that I would recommend Ashley Furniture with such enthusiasm. They offer great rates on high-quality products and will repair anything that fails without trouble or hassle! It’s worth a look If you’re in the market for a new piece of furniture or want to replace your furniture.

Ashley Furniture Review Conclusion:

I rate Ashley Furniture 4.5 out five stars! They don’t get an absolute score since they offer “wood” items that only laminated, and this has led to issues using their goods. Overall, I think that buying wooden items from them, they’ll be safe as the quality is there.

I hope that this review has helped you gain more knowledge regarding Ashley Furniture and whether it’s worth the time you spend and your money! Should you happen to have additional concerns, please leave them in the comments section below and I’ll respond in the shortest time possible!