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is safe?

Are you a music lover? Are you a music lover? We have an excellent alternative for you if so. This allows you to download music via YouTube. Y2 Meta is the website, but people from India and other countries are searching for it as

This article will provide all details about this site and its features. To learn how to use this website, stay tuned to the end.

About the website allows unlimited downloads of YouTube songs. You can download YouTube videos or convert them into MP3.

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It is a fast converter and there are no restrictions for any format. It is available in all languages.

You can download music and videos directly to your device. It is available for both PCs and phones.

Download songs from

  • You can find the video on YouTube.
  • Copy the link to the song, and paste it in the appropriate space on the site.
  • Choose the format that you wish to download, in MP3 or video.
  • To convert, click the Start button
  • Right-click the converted movie and save it.

You can also search for your desired website immediately

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Is Legit?

If it is required, it is crucial to verify the legitimacy. If you allow any website to use your device, it could consume your data.

Y2 was created on March 23, 2019. The site is now almost two years old. It retains the confidence indicator at 68%, which is a normal level that allows us to trust.

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We found another site that had a similar name when we searched for more information about the site. Both websites have exactly the same attributes. It is recommended to make a decision and read all reviews from clients.

Steps to Download the Songs using

These steps will allow you to download songs from and other platforms such as Dailymotion.

  • You can search for the song you are looking for on different platforms, such as Dailymotion or Youtube.
  • After you have found the song online, copy its URL and paste it in the online space.
  • Choose the format you prefer for your song from either MP3 or video type.
  • Click on the Start button to begin the download in the format you prefer.
  • Right-click the song you wish to download and save it in storage.

User Reviews

We found reviews for this similar website. The opinions of users say that the site works well. However, the site redirects to unrelated sites and displays too many ads.

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According to reviews, 2021 may be useful, but it can also introduce a virus to your device. Unfortunately, we cannot get specific testimonials for


People don’t recommend downloading, but the majority of music programs require a subscription. However, Indians prefer to download, even though not all areas have the right network.

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You can trust our opinions. Although the website is only two years old, we ask that you review the site online.

Do you prefer listing or downloading online? Do you remember using Y2 Meta com before? We would love to hear your comments in the comments section.

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