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How to Download Youtube to Mp4 with Ontiva Online?

YouTube is one of the most common platforms used by people of all ages. Are you interested in downloading YouTube videos to your phone so you can watch them whenever you want? If so, you must be looking for the perfect high-quality YouTube to mp4 converter app to help you in this task. You will be glad to know that I just bought it for you. In this article, I will summarize the best free YouTube video downloader apps for us. 

Download Youtube to mp4 with ontiva online

What is the MP4 Video File Format?

MP4 file refers to the digital media file format, which is officially known by the .mp4 file extension. It is used only for the storage of audio and video files. Other forms of media, like still images and subtitles, can also be stored in this file format.

This file format is one of the most accessible, easy to use, and most convenient formats in the whole world at the same time. This is a safe and secure file format using DRM technology that performs copyright protection for digital media files.

You can think of it as a container that contains the combination of audio, video, still images, and subtitles, all in a single consolidated file. Advanced data such as user interactivity, menus, and 3D graphics can also be stored in this format.

Ontiva Online for Youtube to Mp4

Ontiva Online for Android is a unique free-to-use YouTube downloader MP4 app. Ontiva Online for Android offers a simple user interface that ensures that you will not face any problems when navigating within the App.

Its one-click download function allows you to download an HD video in just one click instantly. Extra features like Smart Night Mode ensure that you enjoy your time using the App. Without any buts, Ontiva for Android can be considered as a completely free package.

That sounds like a great deal. So be sure to give Ontiva Online for Android a try. It allows users to search many videos on different platforms using its in-app search bar. It offers a wide range of qualities and bit rates for all videos, making it easy for you to find and select the desired quality.

It supports the conversion of files in more than 1000 different formats such as MP3, MP4, MOV, etc. It offers a convincing conversion ratio for all downloads. One can convert 1000 videos using this software in just a few minutes, so save a lot of time.

Instructions to Convert YouTube Videos to mp4 

All YouTube to mp4 transformation software follows similar steps. This includes a couple of steps. Regardless of the Converter you use, beneath is the overall method for Converting YouTube to mp4: 

  • Find the Video you have as a top priority to Convert and copy its URL. 
  • Open any YouTube to mp4 Converter. 
  • Paste the URL in the given space. 
  • Select “.mp4” and select the destination where you want to download. 
  • Click on “Convert,” “save,” or “download,” as the case may be, to start your transformation. 
  • Choose a capacity area to keep the Converted record. You can make the most of your mp4 download whenever from this time forward. 

Download Youtube to Mp4 with the help of Ontiva online platform

This online YouTube to mp4 Converter is free and straightforward to utilize. It doesn’t expect you to sign up before you start. You need to open, Convert, and go. It permits limitless downloads of YouTube Videos. The site is easy to use as it is accessible in 14 dialects. 

  • To download MP4 from YouTube online, you need the URL of the video and paste it into your Ontiva platform. You also can enter a keyword, and the platform will search for it for you.
  • Despite its outstanding qualities, Ontiva is entirely free and does not limit the number of download.
  • You can download videos in any format and resolution.
  • There is no danger of viruses or vulnerability in your data; no registration is required.
  • A modern platform with an incredible design.

Why to download the online video to watch offline?

With the Ontiva online platform, you can download that video to your device and watch it at any time later without connection, outside the network, without Internet access – it’s still OK because the video is on your device as an mp4 file; no need to download anything, streaming, etc.

It’s all here, at the touch of your finger or mouse. The same applies to music, and more so. We keep playing the same songs repeatedly, making our apps download them in streaming every time. Even worse, when we use YouTube for audio, – there is such a data overload thanks to video playback too … Well, not anymore!

What does converting unsafe video files mean?

When you opt for any free and open-source web application to convert the video format of any desired video, you may not be able to rectify the vulnerabilities behind the application. Still, it may cost you your privacy, data theft, or poor-quality file conversion.

Just because it is free does not always ensure the reliability of the application.

You can find:

  • Malware or viruses that could threaten the violation of your private data.
  • It can give you poor quality after transcoding.
  • The lossy compression format at the end.

But this is not the case with Ontiva online platform. Ontiva online platform is entirely safe to use. 

Tips to avoid converting unsafe video formats:

It is always better to be safe and cautious beforehand than to cure the disease afterwards. There are some valuable tips and tricks that you can always use, not only to use and download video format converters but any software in general.

So here we are to save you from any potential vulnerability that may arise with the use of YouTube video format converters:

  1. Always download the converter from an authenticated / official website.
  2. When you come across advertisements or pop-ups, never click on them.
  3. Never enter your credentials unnecessarily, like username, password, credit card number, or phone number. That could be a trap to hack and violate your privacy for data theft or any other undesirable purpose.
  4. Check website or software reviews before downloading.
  5. Download a good antivirus and scan your downloads for possible viruses.
  6. It is preferable to download YouTube videos from YouTube sites only. Like others, they can download a file from an illegal video file.
  7. The tool must work as promised/advertised to work, have the same features, and give the promised result without taking much time.
  8. Monitor the behavior of your PC.

So take care of all the above instructions and keep your data safe.


Without being limited to internet restrictions, you can now access your favorite playlist in the best MP4 quality using Ontiva online platform, as mentioned above.

But, the free availability, the maximum reliability, the fast trans-coding speed, and lastly, the compatibility of the software both on the platform, Mac and Windows, makes Ontiva online platform the most feasible, safe, and easily accessible program to convert the videos.