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7 Free Tools to Remove Similar Photos from Your PC

Free Tools to Remove Similar Photos from Your PC

To get that perfect shot, we fill our phones with dozens of duplicate clicks on a daily basis. Smartphone camera these days create every photo of about 3-5 MB in size and fills the phone memory rapidly. Burst shots create over 100 MB of file size just with a single click.

Free Tools to Remove Similar Photos from Your PC

We always take a backup of our smartphones on our PC and end up creating a lot of duplicate photos on our hard drives. The manual process to clean up duplicate photos is not so robust. It’s tiresome and tedious without accuracy. Only the best duplicate photo finders can help you deal with this situation. Without taking much of your time, let’s quickly go through the rundown of free duplicate photo cleaners to remove duplicate photos and make your system clutter-free.

1. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is an incredible cleaner to delete similar photos. It offers a plenitude of helpful features to eliminate duplicate, similar-looking or copied pictures in a couple of clicks. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro has a quick & robust scanning tool that identifies perfect matches as per the set level of accuracy. There are different parameters that you can use like Matching Level, Time Interval, GPS, or Bitmap Size to find and remove similar photos from your PC.

There are different inbuilt utilities in Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro that make it the best duplicate photo finder tool. You can take a backup of the result before deleting the photos permanently. Almost all image file formats are supported by Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. You can scan single folders, sub-folders, drive partitions, entire hard drives, external hard drives, or other storage devices that connect to the computer. People can also scan cloud drives to look for identical files that you have uploaded.

You can try the free version to test and figure out if it is the perfect match for your needs or if you wish to unlock the paid version for additional features. You can also make use of its upgraded version (Duplicate Files Fixer Pro) to find and remove duplicate files, photos, documents, movies, and a lot more.

2. Anti-Twin

Anti-Twin is clear with its functionality. As the name suggests, it finds and highlights the exact match. There are two scanning modes in Anti-Twin, you can search for duplicate images by byte-to-byte or pixel-to-pixel indexing. The scanning modes are customizable and you can make the most out of it by checking control settings. You can find all the duplicates in the results list where you can click the box on the left-hand side of the image and it turns into a red X.

Anti-Twin is one of the greatest and most free duplicate photo cleaners to find and delete duplicate photos from Windows 10 and earlier versions. The application can also find and list out duplicate music files to remove them from the hard drive. It also organizes the files and can identify duplicates and repetitive information back-ups.

3. Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Duplicate Photo Cleaner is the next phenomenal tool for Windows users to find and remove duplicate photos from their devices. The tool supports multiple file formats including RAW and PSD file formats. Duplicate Photo Cleaner has a strong scanning engine to find and filter out duplicate photos. You can have a quick scan in the preview and decide what to keep or delete to avoid errors while permanently deleting images.

4. VisiPics

VisiPics is an intuitive cleaner to delete similar photos from Windows 10 and earlier versions. The software features intelligent scanning tools and options to get the best matching results. Scanning through folders and subfolders is made easy in just a single click and all the duplicate images in subsequent folders can be identified in one go.

You can sort images by size, name, date modified, date edited, subject or other filters. There are Strict scan mode, Basic scan mode, and Loose scan mode to find an identical or exact match depending on the set filter criteria. You can make use of tutorials to learn how to identify and keep the edited ones, update versions, or the latest pics.

5. Quick Photo Finder

When you wish to quickly free up duplicate photos from your device. You can rely on the Quick Photo Finder tool to look for identical photos. It is listed as the best duplicate photo finder due to its unique features for cleaning duplicate photos. The program has a basic interface yet offers unique features to eliminate undesirable duplicates and identical-looking pictures.

You get quick and precise output results and delete clutter of copied pictures in a single click. And recover a lot of disk space occupied by duplicate images. It provides a lot of customizable filters to look for an exact match to declutter a bunch of similar photos from indexed lists in just a few minutes.

6. Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder has a user-friendly interface and can delete duplicate photos from hundreds of directories available on your operating system. You simply need to select the scan destination and it will bring up all identical photos to preview and eliminate the ones you don’t wish to keep. Now declutter your valuable space and scan your digital gallery to remove duplicate photos.

The application is lightweight and doesn’t put much strain on the device. It also scans and identifies edited, resized, or altered pictures and shows the level of similarity between two images. Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder supports all major file formats and different storage devices.

7. PictureEcho

PictureEcho has incredible features of photo deduplication tools to scan the entire hard drive and other storage devices for comparative similar photographs. Regardless of their size, name, subject, effects, filters, and even file formats, it can identify identical photos in no time.

Photo editors or graphic designers need to resize, edit, filter, or copy duplicate images for different purposes. This tool can bring them all up in the same preview panel with a quick scan. The tool can support different file formats like BMP, JPG, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, or RAW files on Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8, or earlier versions.

Wrapping Up

Regardless you are a professional or a regular user of a Windows computer, it’s always required to free up space from your system that is occupied by duplicate photos. The best duplicate photo finders listed here are going to fix all your basic needs with the use of free duplicate photo cleaners. If you need full functionality, you can always upgrade them to a paid version and unlock the unexplored features of the best duplicate photo finder tools for 2023. Happy Computing!